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Exactly which is why alexander fleming's discovery was such a huge deal so what happened next well he spent the next few months just dealing away reading more and more of this tennis ilya mold toil toil toil toil and eventually he discovered that this mold could be used to create medicine that could not only stop staphylococci but all sorts of other fictious bacterial diseases as well we aiding world i antibody medicine cool it senate but that's not the end of story it isn't not even close just find the fast forward button here wait a minute said you had the entire history arctic's i didn't think you meant literally had the entire one hundred years on oh yeah i got everything from that day alexander fleming found a worm in his apple the woman to us talking about antibiotics in your backyard just a few minutes ago what i always wear a lab coat when i got of course you do but second what's too far let me just hit the rewind button here doc around nineteen forty one they're wrote this way so roy very good who's that mindy that guy roz is dr howard laurie he's just showing mr albert alexander into his lab oh albert alexander i know him he's the first person who was ever treated with antibiotics he got ripped by a rose thorn in his garden and then his cut got an vetted with staphylococci bacteria from fleming's lab yeah and even though alexander fleming had been able to combat small microscopic doses of staphylococci in his lab to treat a whole person that would take a lot more mole.

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