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I it was like a wooden rectangular thing and it had circles on it. And you would slide this wooden thing and you hit it. And if it made it into a circle without being overlap. Whatever has remember baseball condition grade on that one. You know, I think most of it was still working couple pieces were still loose. But but still okay and the third item nineteen sixty seven Louisville slugger little league promotional poster with mantle Clementi, and Aaron and they have rare in in the description on it. So these are three different items. Two of them are close in price. One of them's well less, and I would have never I don't know how you would get this. But what's your what's your guests? Well, you know, a lot of this stuff seems to be a little bit rare here. So I'm gonna go with where my name is shared with the Roberto Clemente. Okay. Mantle Aaron Felix guess of the three things I'm going to go with the same one as well. I agree with that. Okay. And you guys are incorrect. But not. Picked one that was one of the tax prices. Okay. The baffle ball table tap was the lowest of the three twelve hundred dollars though. I had an old bath ball game. I have trouble to what the to keep it. Do. I sell it. I think I'd sell it. If I know is going to go for twelve hundred the second item, the Louisville slugger literally promotional poster with mantle Clementi Aaron thirty five.

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