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And very excited to see you while they're Thursday. Enjoy my Heather McMahon. You guys can Don harassing her. I'm so excited. I'm going to find out who the girls on the plane. She was talking about where when on those see this only got. So she was on the plane from New York to Atlanta. Data, and there were two girls sitting next to her that like looks like young teens and they're like talking shit the whole time so loudly. And it turns out like they're at least one of them is an actress. She's going to Atlantis till film into new show, and she's talking shit about the lead actress on the show. Like we would never be friends in real life, blah, blah, blah. I'm gonna join them. Someone from other looked up. What show who's the lead actress? The lead actress has like very famous parents. She was like, why would she be talking like this? She was like such an asshole. There juuling on the plane in their shirts and Heather won't tell anyone who it is, but if any juggling whether it's dumb, it's not dynasty, fuck. That's what I was because it's a new show that has like most shows do film Atlantic because it's all cheaper. I had a theory, but I don't think it stands. You hearing my theory was that the the famous person, the lead actress that they are talking shit about who has his parents was Maud appetite. Yeah. And then I was like, what is not appetite? Filming? She still being a new show for HBO that is slated to be a hit because one time entry into its base often Israeli showed that does well already than there are. All these like extra actors a couple of like thirsty girls who would talking about Maud Jacob awardees in it, but I can't figure out where it's filming, but I also don't think it's her anymore. Why. I forget and also the way I came about it was just such a hundred was watching how to run. I was looking at Lesley, man. I was like, wow, powerful, famous woman, the daughter who acts I love Leslie man, and I love Jit up because he makes them easy movies, and he always puts his wife. That's the star which is just like ever married a director like you'd have to do the same thing and. What you don't like? Well, they're just like they always play annoying characters. Maybe that's what it is. The younger one is cute and I like her and she is and started to annoy me up. But the older one who was in girls will that's making. It's like you could do anything that you want in this world. And and for the most part, she's done really cool to except like she interned for Harvey Weinstein and that was like not good. Right. And it was before everything came out, but like people everyone in the Indian. That's such a fit like, why would you choose Miramax? Same with me Obama? Yeah. Why would only got confused? I don't know if not appetite, and maybe I confuse no Obama did. Okay. Then did I think I confuse them, but it's like you can do anything that you want and you choose for like a cameo on girls. I just can't relate that and not even like first season girls like fourth season girls like when they're the kids in. This is forty. Very cute, annoying. Younger one was cute. The one younger one is cued if weird names to Maud, what's other ones? I always think Orleans mauve color because I was just googling her. I know that it's mod Maude. Yeah. Is it nice. Make fun of people's names, or is that like a mean thing now. I think you can't make fun of anyone anymore, which is nice, I guess. But like you should go to more comedy shows because it's so funny the way that they like make fun of people and they talk about like the slack that they get like there was an opener for Kevin Hart. Who is he went the a, oh, I forget his name. I'll have to look..

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