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Been proven to be safe and effective against serious illness and hospitalization but is there one that stands out above the rest. A series of studies have found that the modern vaccine may provide the most protection when it comes to antibodies and hospitalization. Part of it may be that. The vaccine delivers a larger dose than visor. A poor vermont. Villi reporter at the new york joins us for why madonna as the edge next schools have not been spared in the labor shortage going on in the country. There's an urgent need for more substitute teachers and cafeteria. Workers but school bus drivers are also sorely needed in districts. All over the country school districts have resorted to offering signing bonuses and even paying parents drive their own kids to school read. Wilson correspondent at the hill joins us for the bus driver shortage. Finally amazon is continuing. Its plans to expand beyond the online marketplace. They're planning on brick and mortar department stores where they can sell their own apparel brands with high-tech dressing rooms. A perilous scene is a big winner for the company who has over one hundred five label brands and just surpassed. Walmart is the country's largest seller of clothing sebastian herrera technology reporter at the wall street journal joins us for more. It's that the noise. let's dive in. There's no argument on whether or not we should get a booster because we can expect that vaccines are one hundred percent infinite in terms of their door ability. The question is when is the best time to give the booster. Is it now or do we wait to see the possibility of winning effectiveness in the future of machiavelli reporter at the new york times. Thanks for joining supportive. Thanks for having me. i want to start off. We're gonna talk about vaccines. I want to start off by saying that. The three vaccines that we have the johnson and johnson madonna and pfizer first off. They're all safe very effective at preventing severe covert and hospitalization but for the longest time. There's always been this kind of you know big question which one of the vaccines is better. Remember early on in the pandemic when the vaccines were being rolled out memes across the internet. Everybody's saying oh. I got pfizer. It's the best one all this. But we've seen a number of studies now. Kind of burying out. That madonna actually has some some clear advantages and not to say that. It's any better or anything like that but there are a couple of things that are working more in its favor. And as far as its effectiveness so a portable help us walk through some of this. What are we seeing with it. I'm glad he started out saying all of the vaccines are very effective. So i think that's number one that they are all actually extremely good at preventing severe disease and hospitalization which is ultimately the big goal for these vaccines. But what has emerged over the last few months. Is that in some of these studies. It's looking like the protection from. Madonna is a little bit more durable it staying at higher levels over time than the protection from visor. We already sort of knew that the john maxine is a little bit less protective than the other two. We knew that from the clinical trials but we thought that visor modern were basically the same. And what these studies are. Showing us is that they're almost the same but modern us slightly ahead. You know one of the things that came out. I guess the cdc at some research that was published this this past week talking about at least hospitalization rates and Protecting against hospitalization for pfizer. That was ninety. One percent that fell to seventy seven percent. After a four month period for madonna there was no decline over that same period. That's right and so you know. Most of these studies are showing differences at those levels. So in this study the moderna the were different by about fourteen or fifteen points. And that's sort of what a bunch of studies have shown the visor seems to be trailing madonna by about ten to fifteen points when it comes to severe disease and hospitalization. The differences are a little bit bigger when it comes to preventing infections but again severe diseases of the goal. And so that's really what we're looking at. And in fact there was a new study. That just came out today. In the new england journal of medicine showing similar trend they found that five thousand healthcare workers they looked at pfizer and and they've found visors about ninety percent. Madonna's about ninety six. So you know they're all showing these these small differences between the two and then one of the other studies that we saw had to deal with any bodies and how modern up produce. I guess one third to one half more than pfizer did. Is that something like that. You know that sounds like a huge difference when you hear about it one third to one half but these are not in how effective the vaccines are. These are just differences in what we call antibody titre and just for comparison just in among a regular population there can be a hundredfold difference between people so a two to three differences. Nothing at all and really doesn't have much of a clinical impact to scientists are not really worried about that. It seems more like over the long term. We know that on a body swain. And it's possible that pfizer's wane a little bit more than us. So what does this do for that. Conversation about booster shots. You know. that's interesting. I think you know i. I've just been listening to the cdc advisors debate all day about which booster's people should get in which people should get them and win and it's a little bit confusing because right now pfizer is one that is up on the table for the fda to decide about. But you know it'd be very tricky for them to recommend that only people who adviser before should get visor. Well what about all the people who got madonna. So it's not very clear what's going to happen. It's possible they'll just delay a decision until the modern also available but already applied. It's just conversation that's taking longer so I don't want anybody to come away. With the impression that madonna is so much better that they should all just go. Get them dern booster. I don't think that's what these data are showing at all. It's just documenting. for example there are differences. In how much of the dose that each vaccine deliver advisories thirty micrograms and moderna used a hundred. Both companies were just guessing at the start of the pandemic. So that may be one of the differences and pfizer spaced. It's two doses by three weeks. My german spaced. It's by four and there's some evidence that that it might be better to have those kudos staggered longer which we couldn't do again at the start of the pentagon just did not have that luxury but now that we have a little bit more time. There are some studies showing that it might be better to have. The second does come later. So there's a bunch of things here that we need to think through before we decide what to do with boosters. And i think that's what the fda and the cdc are really spending time on right now. I just like the line at the end that one of the scientists were speaking to that. When this whole thing was happening with the vaccine's everybody was like well. We'll be happy if we get an efficacy rate of fifty to sixty percent. And what we've gotten with these mri vaccines at least advisor. Amadou or something much higher and we're still kind of parsing it out and try to see which one's better that's right and even with j. j. Actually we started out higher than that. So this is a very luxurious problem. to have. accidents are way better than we thought. So now we can. Actually you know really be picky and say well what i don't want ninety four. I want ninety six things like that a porta mon- davila reporter at the new york times. Thank you very much for joining us. Thanks for having make always a pleasure. You may be wondering why doctors community. Medical center added luminous health to our eight. It's because we're on a mission to give you enter community even more of the healthcare. They you deserve. That's why we joined arundel medical center to create a broader health system that is luminous health. Now delivering you and your family access to more locations services and specialty care. Get ready for a bright future. With luminous health doctors community medical center go to luminous helped dot org to learn more tired of sitting in traffic for hours gas prices. Got you fuming. Bryan chan becoming brian. 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