President Trump, DOJ discussed on Beers with Talos



That's the part that mitterrand so it's but the domain in the photo bucket account are now well now in government control and inoperable respectively is that correct met our understanding you know our understanding is that that part of justice compelled foot a bucket to delete those accounts and then sees that demane and are redirecting traffic i think to if i understood reading the doj announcement to shadow server though stage two stage two has a lot of the standard functionality that you would you would you would expect a any kind of backdoor you know root kit to have you can run an arbitrary command on the system you can download files upload files many stage twos have a kill command president as we discussed earlier and so does nothing there's a surprise the nice thing or the interesting thing about states to is that it has to download stage three or what what what are parts call states three was some people plug in stage to these these capabilities and very early on we understood that one of the state's three plug ins was a packet sniffer which is pretty interesting all by itself but the way the package differ was written is it only really grabbed a couple of things one at grabbed hiv basic off information so if you were to log into a website and captured the credentials and the fact where that website was and in log that so that it can be extra extracted later but wait also did was monitor specific kinds of mud bus traffic and then logged the fact that mud bus traffic existed in some.

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