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People will get packages to over one hundred and fifty million delivery points affordably an on-time with the latest technology and expertise. So who are we talking about here? Who can help you deliver the future of commerce. The United States postal service, see why they deliver more ecommerce packages to homes than anyone in the country at USPS dot com slash future and by linked in sales navigator with the sales industry changing so fast, it could be a challenging time via sales professional, but linked in is here to help you say Hello to the indispensable tool for the mom. Seller, it's called Lincoln sales navigator with more than a half. A billion members linked in sales navigator provides you with unparalleled. They'd on buyers as traditional sales tactics are actively turning buyers off. This Lucien gives you a new and smarter way to approach them. Sales navigator gives you tailored leads an instant activity updates, helping you identify the most powerful moments to reach out and craft the most compelling offers. Are you worried about how sales navigator will fit into your sales stack? Well, don't be because as navigator seamlessly integrates into existing CRM technologies to help you track the direct impact in an era of challenge and change for sales. It is time to equip yourself and your sales team with the tools required for success. Go to Lincoln dot com. Slash APM marketplace for your free thirty day trial and get closer to the right people as a nonprofit news organization marketplace's able to do what we do everyday. Thanks to funding from public radio stations, foundations, corporate underwriters, and listeners like you. Thank you to all the marketplace. Investors who..

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