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Here's what i really related to what you just said is. I'll go to a party on a lighted up. Or i'll be zoom and i'll be the king of zoom and everyone's laughing and having a great time the second zoom and they go what the fuck is wrong with you. Yes you killed. I don't mean i was blowhard. I mean i'm listening. I'm giving. I'm taking in keeping the ball in the air closed the laptop. I go the fuck. Do you think you are shut. The fuck up and not every time. Sometimes i feel small just hanging up but it. Yeah tell me what you believe. Or what i remember. I got older and got perspective on my grandfather. Who was like he wa- he was my first father bags for a while and then strictly that i heard it. Ooh that ooh this is just for us. You dare tell them. Don't you dare tell them. Don't you dare tell them that is for us. I want you to understand that. That's what's happening is say you can say just doing very physical stuff. I just wanted to give the category k. limber he's olympic leg perfectly straight at a ninety degree angle with his arm attached to it and on he'll very abberley the cheer. Okay you can say whatever you want. I here's my first of a few great father figures. I was very lucky to have and he passed away. And i know that he liked to go bill. Graham a lot had it. But i don't know that he ever went through the like let me dunk in you know like oh yeah yeah and so i remember saying myself. I don't know this whole thing you got to be born again. You gotta whatever did you. It's okay. I feel like you didn't because you probably would've brought it up but did you get to the end of thanks diane. It's totally fine. I didn't get to the end of things so i do. Ulcer comedy record. I do an altar call and normally. I didn't do it in that show. What i would end up doing is dead. I would trick the audience into giving me a standing ovation. I would say someone needs to feel this. Like i do and i would bring someone up. And that's no other people need to feel and i would bring the whole audience onstage and then i would go sit in the audience and then i would give them a standing vision and i would leave but in the altar altar calls and that's great. It was and i would say you know you have to do this. You have to why. I did a thing called the rock weekend all through high school early college which was reaching out to christ kids iran that weekend and it was fear it was it was the story of pistol. Pete muravich when he died legend. has it. it's beautiful if this happened. I'm not taking away if it did. I don't know if it did. Legend has it that he said meet me at the top as he died on this basketball gym floor. Meet me at the top and bring as many people with you right. That's the recruiting thing. That's the caulton. And so that's the way that the pastor who was like. I knew i gotta put my bible on the tray table at the plan. And i say mimi at the top and bring as many people as meet me and having bring as many people as you can't okay and so the rock weekend was all reaching out to christ kids so that they can meet that the top and bring all their friends but they're already christ's kids when he got to reach out to them. You would round of you on the weekend so and it's a good week about teaching kids to be nice to each other or whatever but there's always that dovetail you wanna go to heaven because there's a girl who left her too early right before they did author call and she got in a car accident and she's not in heaven with the rest of her family. I mean you. There's stuff. And i just remember thinking like gustav the best guy ever knew and i don't know that he was born again or saved and if you told me that he he lived his life caring about people of all races carrying about his family. Being just a kind man. He didn't get into heaven. I don't know if i want to go. I'll do you one. I don't know fight one more. I don't think i would be not being me to do your thing to get into that heaven. I hear you. But also dan That's that's that's a good one. I'm saying this was a catalyst of oh buddy go. I'm not even case has nothing to do direct donahue you or anything. I'm just saying. I believe that god loves me. Shaima a horny yameen. I thought i have ugly thoughts. Meaning what good is grace if it only goes to your golden boy i i'm a gold moi's accomplish man i'm saying also you you sex positive peace process also you you angry right flight. Late didn't have breakfast yelling at somebody in an album pan. Also you because any addy mystic that meets god meets a lover. Not a not a tormentor. My aunt connie said this to me as we built up to the election last year. She's a very christian person and she goes all these christians. And i see it on my facebook right because you know that line always comes in and you and i just understand all the hate. What are they so mad. Because it's not about being christian. Connie it's that's that's that's what it says on the on the shirt but it's not wearing it right and also they were a lot of those christians were sold a very in out good bad and i think there's a lot of rage. They're doing their imitating their god. Yes they're god says i only love you and they're going around going. I only love these people. Have i think. I ended up in just a place of like what i really believe in is kind of like the campsite mentality. When you leave this you're not going to do it. Perfect you're not going to find every piece of every napkin. You're not you're gonna miss it all at signed the decree of your talent but when you get out there just better be a lot more people who were glad you were here than weren't and it should be pretty uneven. You know. I don't want to fifty one forty nine. Yeah so that's a good life philosophy. And also i really believe in energy i have a. I have a friend of Haven't seen in a while. But they were they attacks recently that they were dealing with loss. And.

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