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The street corner of new york city. Because she was hungry. Let's be honest. How no angelina is a master. Absolute master of working the press. The little giveaway always in full hair makeup so when you start celebrity looking flawless a designer clothes if they're wearing a five thousand dollar gucci dress in central park at eight in the morning and they're getting a hot dog a photographer that's probably stage so she went to johnny lee milas apartment in new york city. She arrived there with a pricey bottle of wine. She three hours later lewis. These met back in nineteen ninety-five on the movie hackers. They were married a year. Later and angelina said getting divorced from him was one of the most silly silly things that she ever did the dumbest thing she ever did. She said all they back together or is angelina. Planers i is this. The trend is the trend now where like the celebrities like everybody loves nostalgia. You know where we we're all these celebrities get back together like who's next. Who could be next. That gets back together. Thanks irena and konya dated ten years ago. Bannon jan not angeles freezing. Kim kardashian house mchugh budget. i'm not sure. Jonny lee miller is a ben affleck type of household name no not at all because no yeah because when you said it i was like who is ian wright. Enough any deliberately. 'cause i want you all to think it's brad pitt. So angelina spotted at her ex apartment. Don't you think oh. She's back with brad. It's a trick every website that has done that today. Come on all your favorite websites and the sites that have done that are terrible terrible sites including my own and then What's going on with chris. Hemsworth all right so he. Ju ju just showing some brotherly love and trolling his Fellow avenger. Chris evans on his birthday. So chris evans turned forty. Which looking at. Chris evans i would i. I wouldn't even though i would put them. Maybe thirty five you know may not forty but baby twenty five his go. Oh twenty look at you like you kiss up Like him. I think that is the gorgeous is so so this is what he said. This is what chris hemsworth said. Happy fortieth birthday chris evans. You'll always be my number one in my book And live wi- though because they really quite controversial about being the number one chris a couple of months ago. Yeah so so so. We shared a photo of himself with fellow. Cast member chris. Pratt as opposed to chris evans. It was such a weird thing in hollywood. Where it's like you in any type of junkets with any of these. Chris chris evans chris. Pratt was like a taboo thing. Please don't bring up the chris thing and it was touching. It happened back in october. A screenwriter amy. Berg shed on twitter. Headshots of the chris asking which one has to go so basically. We wanna get rewrite. Then we do many sites like we do on many sites just as we city turn nasty because then twitter users were saying. We have to get rid of chris pratt and then they really really went in on chris pratt to the point robert. Downey junior defended. What's going on here. like anybody. That sitting on their social media accounts attacting others need to look at their selves. So this sort of started off as a funny joke. I thought it was funny. Like which i might have been more positive. I wouldn't've done which we bought to get rid of i. Would we want your favorite chris. Because then you're not really saying anything bad. It's packaged better but this Screenwriter who just diddy as a joke said which one do we have to get rid of. Then twitter erupted and sort of chris. Pratt really got pulled over the coals until robert downey junior defended him but in any case. We're not going to get back into that happy. Happy birthday christie's sarah jessica. Parker has shad some sex and the city snaps for an. Oh yeah fans are delighted. Did she posted pictures with her. Nixon davis they've started filming. I believe today they look fantastic. Maury million people have liked that and she also posted a picture of his west village apartment building. I reminisce about this. I know even if it's not very good. The movies weren't as good as i wanted them. They just want me to see these characters. Can i've missed these girls. Do you love them to give me. Give me a a series. Don't give me two hours to to watch a movie theater. You know what i mean. I think i appreciated the show more in like that. Forty minute capacity. You know our own show. I think it was only thirty minutes thirty yet. It's twenty two minutes and before you sat down glass of wine before you finished. It was over you right you. Wanting malware that movie went on for two and a half but wasn't someone missing from the photo reserve can control that. We shouldn't feel bad for her. It was choice. She was invited back. She said no so. I didn't think there's anything bad about this if you invite. Yeah what's cruel is when you're excluded in life. It's horrible being left out of the party. But if you're invited to the party and you don't wanna go then. You made a decision so we can all move on and be happy. We're gonna take a quick break and be right back will be welcome back to the show. Should be via friend. Jared vogel from z one hundred. Hey garret let's get to the poll. Tom and athletic. Hanging and in las vegas casino with jails mommy is this cool or is it creeping you not so nice. Sixty nine percents league. It's cruel gosh. I think i'm gonna disagree. I really yeah. I think it's creepy being with your your mother in law. That isn't your mothering. Your lawyer you just got back agenda so many questions. She's going to ask you. Would you hang out with your wife's mummy in a casino. I yeah especially if my wife was practicing for probably a big vegas shows. He's probably putting on. Like you know what i mean like. What else are you going to do. You're going to sit. There is the head though. Benson vegas j.lo's mom and no jaylo suben katich jennifer's mom i mean. Let let let's run what the headlines here like. Could he be just feeling around. Be like hey how does what do you think about getting getting together. You know in the near future. What if i was to propose. How'd you feel about that. Like maybe he's doing a classy thing as he's trying to you know. Get that money to buy another engagement ring to. They both love to gamble. So you've spoken northeast. we gotta get with the majority. don't forget to vote on. today's poll. Twitter page not nice rubber. Our facebook page nause gaza ebb. I'm shooed check back tomorrow to hear your results. And now it's time for and nicest all right. Let's talk about luke. Evans found a way to celebrate pride in a very expensive way. May i add. He was on instagram posts. A picture on instagram shirtless and You could see from his underwear it was a rainbow print but Underwear like i can only imagine how much those costs four hundred dollars no way because guarantee you buy three thousand nine so let me. Let me let you in a little secret here up shooter so at the radio station here in new york people send you free stuff so for a good five to ten years i got nothing but free underwear flight heddon ten years jones thing where ladies ascending you know. No no no. No no no no no. Companies companies for companies. Send for us to wear advertisement when you drop your pants. So gary rare see very very real easy joy these promotions. He's a terrible promotion. He thought he sees it put over the past year. Really haven't been back to the radio station and companies sending. I've had a first time. I was buying underwear for myself in a in almost a year on weird weird buying underwear calvin klein how you influence. What did you know. Calvin calvin columbine. Yeah oh yeah the most affordable next to you you know but a really cheap but right through to the lumia fox and.

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