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To research funded by the by the state Stemcell Agency again. Daniel Vitton reporter for Science, giving us a picture of what Has been accomplished under the agency under CIA, Emma And let me go to Bob client Who's the chairman of the US on 14 campaign? Essentially what those of you in favor of 14 or saying Bob is You need this critical research. Other was stalled, Held up need more money to move forward. We'll have that right? We have our client. You do my off now I'm hearing it now. I wasn't here. You have a moment ago. Just saying you really need the money to move. All this forward is really what you're saying on Absolutely. You know, I lost my youngest son to type one diabetes, which He could have been saved if the federal government hadn't delayed that research by seven years. The Children of our families. Our spouses are parents. All of our families critically depend on this. This advancement there's actually besides to cancer therapies that we prove through court records. Where derived from the state agencies Research. There are nine different therapies from kidney disease of paralysis, the type one diabetes to blindness. Age related blindness that are your reporter referred to that have been tremendous progress there. The FDA has now labeled them breakthrough or equivalent are Matt designations for vital therapies. For accelerated treatment to process them. Oh, and those were just part of the 94 clinical trials that have being discussed here is vital to understand that California is ranked number two in the world is a nation. Behind all the United States in biomedical research capacity. We have a special moral obligation and capacity to advance. These therapies with the federal government is not The opposition clearly knows the federal government for religion because of religious pressure is not even funding embryonic Dr Therapies for diabetes for For paralysis for age related blindness. They haven't funded any of these trials they know and effectively or playing God with people's lives. By saying, there's this research has plenty of funding. The president The Gladstone Institute, an affiliate of UC San Francisco, has said that the United grossly underfunded this research the entire university California system. Voted to endorse in an unprecedented move because it's grossly underfunded..

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