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That Sirius anything falling from the sky it's always reckless when someone walks away so blessed that he he was able to do so and we hope the best for them for the second individual. the second person a twenty four year old student pilot from Wisconsin walked away without injury the single engine plane took off from Zephyr hills municipal airport before crash the tarpon springs police detective is resigning after threatening a mass shooting Steve Berger and allegedly said there would be an active shooter situation if he didn't get the job he wanted he submitted his resignation letter after making the comment back in August in a letter to the police chief Bergman said he was joking and did not expect the statement to be perceived as a threat he had been officer since two thousand eight. Sarasota woman's facing charges and police are looking for her boyfriend for allegedly locking a teenage girl in a bedroom Jessica Brambilla was arrested on Friday on aggravated child abuse charges in a war and his been issued for the team's father Dwight Bainbridge the sixteen year old girl told detectives she had been sexually molested and battered and kept in a locked room for more than a year arrest records show the suspects kept the team locked in the room because they believe she would bring boys to the house detective search the Sarasota home and said they found her room with a padlock on the outside with limited betting in a bucket of urine inside precocial newsradio WFLA after studying crash reports the manatee county sheriff's office says red light cameras are badly needed to problem intersections or crashes are on the rise state road seventy and walk wood ridge road the second is Bayshore gardens parkway and U. S. forty one captain Stanley Shea first tells news channel eight they won four cameras at each intersection to monitor all four approaches if not our revenue generating tool for the county it's a it's a truck changed to driving habits of drivers to make our roads safer seven intersections in the county already have red light cameras the county commission will discuss the four camera proposal at this morning's meeting. those are all counties undergoing one of its largest dog rescue operations ever animal control officials announced they found three hundred fifty dogs living in horrible conditions that Trish is all breed grooming in Tampa on east I industry one dog was found dead the business was shut down to make room for the dogs at the pet resources center on Fauconberg road all adoption fees on dogs already at the facility are being wave. after almost fifty years in public service Hillsborough County official says the time has come to step down county commissioner less Miller announced he's withdrawing from the race for clerk of courts he also says he'll retire when his term on the commission ends next year the sixty eight year old was considered the front runner in the clerk's race but he says health reasons are forcing him to drop out prior to being county commissioner Miller was on the Tampa city council and he served fourteen years in the house and Senate in Tallahassee. it's seven oh five a newsradio WFLA good morning unemployment is so low the federal reserve says Americans earning less than sixty thousand dollars a year are changing jobs for better ones at the fastest rate on record. I a test market survey says manufacturing rose slightly last month but it's barely increasing month to month and commerce department figures show that Americans have started saving more which could be a sign that they sense growth in business is slowing maybe they just want to say more after getting exemptions from some tariffs apple says it'll build a new mac pro desktop in the United States is that of in China will make in Texas with more American made components from twelve different states apple got those exemptions from tariffs that many companies want but don't get. the secretary general of the U. N. says the reversing climate change will require fundamental transformations in society including taxes on pollution but he says science tells us it is not too late. in the Kauffman foundation says twenty six percent of new businesses are now being founded by people over the age of fifty five up from sixteen percent twenty years ago and often these businesses are being started in partnerships between people in their fifties or sixties and the other in their.

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