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Anything from this angle appeared almost looked like he could only cross check them it looks like you had to hands on a stick you try to take away the pass what is the spinning around the official see that as a slash and he's unable to make the play the surgeon at a perplexed look on his face watching the replay it was so good in recent games even last night in auto as some of the places made just taking that extra strider to and physically taking players out of the game to give himself a more advantageous position and that was one of those instances an obviously frustrated by the panel the panels and a shot centerpoint say they remain such we have got a wide array teravainen right corner centipede on **** vows Lasky stamp goes clears it knows after Stamkos lost the face off to start the power play the whole line a couple of dangers looks on basilisk he was able to write we all hold power play Justin away for Carolina hotel today it had been batted down though a lot of the year and again all the high stake in easy will then get honesty cleanly empire W. as minute thirty left in the circuit to minor three and a half to go in the first two nothing like terrified center ice meals in the lighting answer point yeah okay a whole all right circle which which are invited cutesy that's unless you the puck is loose that's what the fight that it covers news laying in the blue paint right there one fifteen left in the penalty three twenty remaining in the first two nothing Tampa Bay that's niqab Mrs on his second opportunity on the power play but Carolina just aggressively trying to put parks on that quickly early on in this power plant Carolina second unit comes out Walmart will take the draw against park at all market a career high seventeen point three come to an end well I was lost in the woods the face of the centerpoint G. guard one zero Negi's Gartner the white circle right is legal little fetal right Warner sweeping turnaround shot right there is denied I need a writer by about Celeste you either right or is that a long stare goal line extended yielded fried fourteeners chance the rebound well played by Andrei vasilevskiy too he's kind of expecting that Niederreiter could make that cross ice pass over the ages good positioning and he doesn't allow Niederreiter that being on his left pad there does a great job of concealing the rebound as well I need you to want to face up they lose another nature's what point Scott walked in front my turn accurate that out the plate Gardner knocks it down so it doesn't go all the way down the ice quick counter for Lucas Walmart now does it go for you to go on the panel with the single life again red cross ice words picked up by needed you to write a right wing recorded ages Lucas wallmark this is an appointee Gardner of certain ages ages thirty three the family by that I need a writer tries to set our accounting around right at the crease again made mass lusty is been very alert to those loose pucks in front Carolina is a high shot volume team we've seen a lot of those recently have only Kaylee yeah we have then you like that he said it before and especially after the couple Montreal games where they were testing him early on that'll take that all day this perimeter shots that one they've got a couple Carolina players in front trying to hammer away the rebound in addition to being really alert Basil as he was really poised out there you see the puck well in a big shift for internet to be blocked that shot was physically could see notably uncomfortable arrest remainder of that shift Stephens won the dry head it's clear with doc now with a beautiful back in keep by Jeremiah the right point of heaven as it back this time you make sure you get that out there there silently as part of Caroline is consistent pressure on the power play they won a bunch of fees Oscar lighting up the clear right there six seconds left in the panel Dougie Hamilton final dumping year from center I totally get over rules for slowly yells minute out to search it out of the box need to plug it in a melodic had he been able to control it maybe without a break away other survivors in the neutral zone the lady get through the penalty kill with the help of some bass last you see if maybe either to nothing lead such a complex right up the middle center the lady in white circle good way right there shocker just knocking down of course the fans want a family because new Carolina player can be checked with the block were without without the part yeah it's a penalty the guy has the plug he can be Jack and that's exactly what John Kerr did rating point middle to Shattenkirk you'll gain the red light no we did not eat up that is that's a nice thing against the lightning they're really making these last few minutes in the top on themselves one twenty six left in the period to nothing the lead a sudden her just mention two away from getting completely over the redline with possession of the park that's a tough one especially after Caroline a little bit frustrated I'm sure not being able to get too many good looks just the Niederreiter on really was their best look on the power play and basilisk you did a nice job with making a couple of big save their fifty fifty on the draw it's going to come to the single what point centerpoint slave and shoot it over the net result bouncing around and shot taken he saved us lasting Colbert is not a stick with what points leave it shoot the quite a wide array lady really need a clear using the right circle process leaving less circle junkie his technical words lavine walks in front first topic up walk waiting really get a clear taken I think even if they have to just to get a re group it's gonna come free to haul use Jack instead goes well not cleared out held in slave appointment circle all on.

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