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Institution since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two, our producer Delia, Cologne recently stopped by chat with the restaurant's founder, seventy nine year, old Andrea salve heiress, and his twenty three year old granddaughter, Nicole pestis This was recorded before the corona virus pandemic, and the restaurant was bustling, so the three of them went around the corner to talk at four knows bakery which the family also owns. So, will you introduce yourself? Tell us your name and what you do. That is Alabama's us. I'm going for them economise. and. Of course. And I come to this country. Very close to sixty years ago. And I'm very proud because come to this country. Because they. This candidate dot. Even saw. Without along, Greeks for them between. And My name's Nicole pacifist, and I am the granddaughter of Jazz and Right now I'm a nursing school, but I've been helping him since I've been in middle school. Helping him at the restaurant a bakery, yes. What do you do there? What were you doing? When I came in drafted for this conversation? Well, it depends on the day. We don't have a specific role at the restaurant. So even my grandfather will be on the floor bussing. We've done that multiple times doing the door mainly in the register. Answering phone, call. It just really depends on this. Tell me about where you grew up in Greece. And what brought you here to Tarpon Springs on? This more lightly colored Kimmel rose? Was! Chuck and Very small population, maybe very close with thousand people. And I go to the school. They're mentally school. Lodge two years. I finished my three years actually high school. He'll Athens and then. How did you end up here in Tarpon Springs? Engine was in Cleveland. Chicago and then after. I started to. Promote. The euro hundreds going different places in your state. And come through the topic to Tampa actually. For the beginning my father in law and my mother used to live here. So I went to come over here to visit them, but the same token. Place in. But I leaving that was bringing because we have to know. That was pretty very famous for the town. So. You came here to promote the euro sandwich, and is that how you pronounce his it the euro as Gyro seth records. A lot of Bernard's gyrus, but it is. It is. And then the same token and grow to promote the. Of course to make money to. In State Fair in Temple now. Nicole when he was talking about how tarpon springs has a reputation as a Greek town. You were nodding. How do you describe tarpon springs to people who've never been here before? What's it like to walk down the sidewalk? Interpret spring. It's like a little piece of grace. I think like I have personally never been to Greece. But what I've heard about it like the live action outside. He gets say you're by the water. You get to experience different people from all over the world we had people yesterday come from Europe, and one was from Japan and it was just. Nice, it's a family anyway going talking springs. Absolutely that family likes to eat. which is what we're here to talk about, so tell me about. The restaurant, and then we're sitting in the bakery because the restaurant was so packed that we could barely hear selves think which is great for you not so good for the podcast. Tell me about how the restaurant got started. On my life. Business. And I have restaurant in Cleveland. But I've moved to throw that come to Tampa. I bought a place was American. Put a few good dishes, but I must possess allies only. What I believe. Is that. Place all place for the Greek food. Because percentage, right the people. They come to. Because the Greektown. It And lately, we call him a funny city. So all these you know is a flavor. Over the giddiness. So. Wanted to lose the. Flavor of games. So I feel. This really. Really good at town with goodful. What Year did you open Mykonos as a Greek restaurant? And why'd you name? It Mykonos I open nineteen ninety-two. With my wife? And we make it a meager nuts because percentage wise. A lot of people. They know island of makers. We feel the people WISCON- out of place meagerness. We feel is our guest. Like, we say. Same thing if you go to. Disney. The people say is my jest, of course I guess. We'll have to welcome every single. So it's be our guest on. The Greek is of Mykonos pretty cool. I have to go back to something. You said you said that the nickname for tarpon springs. Is He piff Unie city? Why is that? Prevention, it is because. We celebrate. Every six in January. The Baptists of the rights. So, but this one is not only forces are. Is All the Christianity. That's that he's. Who I think. They recognize Bafana city. That's what we see on the news when we all those young men diving into the water when it's freezing outside for the celebration of the Epiphany. Nicole for someone who's never experienced Greek food? What are some of the most popular dishes at Mykonos restaurant? Well I think the one that we that is been ordered. A law is a land freak assay, so are cooked lamb of lake with the N. dives like glazed on top. That's her most famous dish. Thing is a lot of people come in for like the big like we do the whole fish. We make it really nice. We can do a grilled or FRY. Those are two main right. Main top dishes that we have what type of fish. So. We have yellow snapper and red snapper are red snapper. Compete up to what we can do. Like four or five people. Yeah, we are be liners little bit smaller and are yellow. yellowtail could be up to people. What are some flavors today as you mentioned the flavors of Greece? What are some of those spices? Nicole, when you're in the kitchen? What are some of the? Items that you find yourself reaching again and again we do lobby, which is oil, and then we have a rhino garlic, salt and pepper are like our main spice that we use on every dish. K. My mouth is. What spin the most challenging part of having this restaurant over the years. Through, what you're doing? You have to be. You have to be on top of it. None no need. To.

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