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But still, you know early on in the season a lot of perceptions really skewed. And this is something that I've been watching very closely here to see how teams kind of fall back into either what they've done previously or what they're expected talent level, actually is sure. And I mean, I guess an example of that is gonna be Utah who I think is trying to make a more concerted effort to play with a little bit better face. I mean, they were one of slower pace teams in the league. But I think eventually. And I think it'll be it'll end up being above last year. But eventually I mean, they're their identity defense. And and I think that identity is going to stay the same. Now, they may not play as many games in the eighties. You know, they may be in the high nineties, but you know, some of these jazz totals I think eventually are going to go down. I mean mean tonight, I mean, jazz total is to twenty two and a half with with Minnesota. And those totals last year might have been like to ten so eventually you're going to see like you were saying some regression, and maybe kind of going back in into what your identity is. And plus this is so early in the season that coaches are trying to kind of see their rotation. So they're going to experiment a little bit more early in the season. Then they're going to come. You know? January or something like that. So these teams for the most part of these are going to be completely different. Yeah. And it it's one of those things it's always interesting to me about the NBA as well, especially because I'm such an analytics guy when it comes to baseball. And I'm starting to get into them a little bit more with hockey. Gimme a is kind of becoming that copycat league as well to some degree where you know, teams are kind of realizing that there's not a whole lot of equity in the mid range game you wanna play high percentage shots around the rim. And you probably want to Chuck it away from deep you'll like the Houston Rockets have been doing, and obviously they're kind of in the forefront there when it comes to NBA analytics and stuff like that. But that's always intriguing to me too. And and seeing how the oddsmakers are just sue the different, you know, atmospheres in the NBA. And and I think that now we've kind of gotten to a point where you know, we were talking about very high totals. We're talking about line moves on totals earlier on in the season. It seems like that market has really settled in. And that's something where you gotta give the oddsmakers a lot of credit because they adjust in a very timely manner. And you just hope that as a better, you can do the same thing. Yeah. Absolutely. That I mean one of the things too. I was here on a local radio. Oh yesterday and Jeff Sherman over at the west gate Super Bowl Q. I say who's who follows that'd be pretty closely at kind of one of the sports. He specializes as odd Baker over there. I mean that that's his sport his duty to do those lines..

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