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Com. Just an is a mobile. Rv tech in. He is also a fulltime veer with his wife and kids young kids. They travel around the country and he. He uses an internet website and call go green mobile. Rv repair will put that link up later on but he we got talking some time ago. He's also our group about all the things that he is seeing quality issues quality in terms of some of the bill list that he's seeing on an rv that could have been corrected if the rv owner just had a good inspection before they bought the and then issues after When they bought in somebody to repair it either at a big dealership or from another mobile. Rv tech and one of the things i learned from this interview is that anybody can call themselves. Rv repair tech. I've always wondered about that. What are their qualifications. Well we can start jennifer's mobile. Rv repair house. They're in trouble. yeah been outlet. Justin here if i repair turn trouble i. Here's our interview. The week with justin green of Go green mobile. Rv repair is joining us. Now is justin green from the road. Justin how are you today. I doing great. How're you doing mike. Why don't you introduce yourself to the audience a little bit. Tell them what kind of rv you're in how you became sort of a traveling mobile rv tech and then we'll get into some of the some of the things you've seen good and bad out there all right well. My name's justin green. I own a company called go green mobile. Rv repair we live in our thirty eight foot fleetwood storm which you could see as a nice mess behind me and we started traveling a few years ago. we were living in texas and realized that got entirely too hot for us in texas and we wanted to find a new place to live but we had no idea where we wanted to live. So we figured we'd get into an rv. Do some traveling find the perfect space. Maybe settle up there and we've just been traveling ever since we can't seem to pick a spot. We love it so much now. Who is the. We obviously have a family. And you don't travel on. yeah i do. i have My wife amanda have two k. A..

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