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Get vaccinated. The state rank 35th last month but is now 15th in the nation. Laurie Kirby WBZ Boston's news radio. It's a 33 and Laurie Grandes. He were silly with Lori's here at WBZ. Check the roadways. I know right hard to keep it all straight. It's the Subaru retailers have New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Lawrence, what's going on? Well, we still have some problems with that water. Main break Jefferson. It's on route 16 the sun or also a K a. The Revere Beach Parkway at second Street that is causing some tough delays from route 90. Dying to that point, the right hand lane are the ones that are blond to say, deal with that water. Main break there again in every lever connector continues to be heavy. Slow coming off a 93 right onto Storrow Drive, but what you can on the store drive, everybody finds their lane. And everybody's doing Okay. Expressway North on has yet to ease out force this morning that continues to be slow going from the pontiff circle to South Hampton Street South out Still the ramp to squat and street that's closed until noontime today as they deal with some water main issues there as well. And Wilmington. We have a Dolly and the third lane. It's 93 south bound by Concord Street. Who isn't Mrs Beasley. No, I don't know It's Barbie. No, it's actually It's a dolly. Like the kind that you, you know, put a item on and then you drag it. I think you know things continue to be slow going through three sat down the upper end between trouble Cove Road and Concord Road. Also watch out for disabled vehicle Van ran out of gas westbound on the Mass pike right by a star. Oh, Dr Lori Grandi. WBC's traffic on the three. Sometimes winter days can be so nice Like today we're going to start to see some sunshine returned to Boston, and it's gonna hang around for the next several days. Not only that it's going.

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