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30 30 Hour only agenda kept giving me a voice, a ABC Orange County, a cumulus stations suicide. Florida says the work to find people in the condo collapses. Absolutely not a recovery effort. At this point, there's nobody In charge really talking about stopping this rescue effort and this rescue effort as far as I'm concerned, will go on until everybody's pulled out of that debris. Speaking on CBS face the Nation Charles Burkett cites a BBC documentary where a woman in Bangladesh was found alive 17 days after she was trapped in the rubble of a building that caved in the comments come as demolition crews work to bring down the rest of the partially collapsed condo before the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa. The White House Covid response coordinator says state local officials need to ramp up efforts to get Americans vaccinated. Jeff Zients says it must be as easy as possible for Americans to get the shots. He suggests more vaccine drives at sporting events, places of worship and other public gathering sites. The push comes as America fell short of President Biden's goal of having 70% of adults with at least one shot by the fourth of July. A Texas congressman says there are multiple problems that need to be addressed when it comes to the surge of migrants at the southern border wall. Plays a big part in the security at the border we have to its manpower, technology and infrastructure. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Republican Michael McCall says border infrastructure would combat the illegal immigration issue at home. But he noted that based on his conversations with Central American leaders, the wall would not stop people there from trying to get to the U. S. The death toll is up to 45 after a military plane crash in the Philippines. Reuters says 42 of those were people on board the plane, while three were civilians on the ground. 49 people survived the crash and they are being treated at area hospitals. To see 1 30 Cargo plane was reportedly trying to land but overshot the runway and crashed And on Coney Island Sunday, Joey Chestnut defended his hot dog eating title, setting a new record by downing 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. I'm Chris Caravaggio. Yeah, it is. Right. Okay. ABC talk radio 7 90 K ABC news at 33. I'm.

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