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Don't even even even know if they should have made it now mets fans this is what we got to hope for the mets have a chance to do something never in their fifty seven year history they can win a penny or deflation leading wiretowire that'll be incredible if they can do this and i got one more quick you guys why quickey john sterling nineteen seventytwo took off for jack spector so he was taking calls back then summer is seventy two now back then the climate was all young kids call you didn't have any grownups calling sports talk shows i'm a seventeen year old kid i call up john john doesn't suffer fools gladly he called after i hung up he says oh that guy made a sophomore statement i look up the word sophomore gift i hang up and i found out what it means it means mature two months later in october i take the sat's at wouldn't you believe that word sophomoric was on the sat great richard yesterday called them bronco something from six months ago and today brought up something from thirty seven years ago that was really good but that was a cute story though mark on the sat's i liked it back to the future i can't wait 'til we're talking about mickey own in the forty one world series tomorrow afternoon i like it i like richard skulls calls to say they have like they have going that that's the beauty of any brings facts to the show who we going down with man we need to place a bed by saturday we got time i mean if you wanna ride the sixers we could do that what do you wanna ride.

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