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600 bucks from the feds is about to go away. The boost to unemployment insurance is expected to expire near the end of the month, A Lesa Compromises met Congressman Joe Kennedy. Republicans in the Senate would be playing games with a lifeline of economic stability at this moment of crisis since the pandemic began, more than a 1,000,000 Massachusetts workers out of work have filed claims. Getting that extra 600 bucks each time they file Sherry Small W. B Z Boston's news radio to 17 You just heard from Congressman Kennedy. Also Senator Ed Markey, commenting on the situation and going To make sure that McConnell provide Our ability to fight for that $600 a week check for unemployed people in Massachusetts on it is going to be in battle on the floor of the Senate, and it must get done before July person in the federal pandemic unemployment compensation of that extra $600. Can be paid for weeks no later than the week ending prior to Friday, July 31st states will pay it on Lee through the week ending July 25th or the 26th Well, Florida is seeing a covert 19 surge like no other state right now across the country. For the last 24.

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