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That was not the that was not a that was not a a a great difficulty for me. let's conclude. There's a a really interesting connection between jonathan schnur. not just scholar but as a person to the story How you first heard about this hot links back to a person. We didn't talk enough about. Of course the conversation but We will now Moore beckon dorf as you said. She had a daughter named tanya. And lo and behold the jonathan schnur dot to know tanya decades and decades and decades. After that could you could describe heures i can give the long version or the short version. I selects sorry when go ahead and say as much as you want. Sure i'll i'll give the long version because you can do what you want with it. The long version is that in nineteen eighty. I think or eighty I organized a conference about british politics. And i invited to it from england. A man named john grigg who became a friend of mine. John grigg was a lustrous historian but also a famous journalist. And who knew everybody. And if you went to john griggs house you're is likely to meet The foreign secretary. Douglas hurd at the time or the ambassador from india as anybody else and for whatever reason john and i became good friends and he was such a grant figure. I rarely wanted to ask him for favors. But i would go every year to england to do my research and would find a place to live usually in one summer. I just couldn't find anything. And i wrote to john and so john called me up a week or two later from london and said i've got a place for you to stay but before i introduce you to your new. Landlady go read her book. And so the landlady's name was tonya. Alexander and i went to the library and she had a book called an estonian childhood. And i read the book and the book of though the book was supposed to be a memoir and tanya had lived an extraordinary life. The book was as much about her mother as it was about tanya and her mother of course was more oven bankin dorf who became law carts lover so when i would go i became good friends with tanya. She was born in one thousand nine hundred fifteen. She was thirty years older than i are. More became good friends. To and every summer i would stay at her house in knightsbridge i would do my food shopping at harrods food hall which wonderful rights to to spend a lot of money can And tanya and i would talk and so tanya never really escape the shadow as i say of her mother. Although when you went to chinese house there would be nikita khrushchev's granddaughter or there would be Oh i don't know someone famous. Jonathan miller or whatever so. Let me see what i'm curious. What robin bruce lockhart. The sign the son of robert. He was always convinced that Mura was a double agent that she had been maybe working for the entire time or that she or that certainly later on in her should describe her rather extraordinary afterlife after the ply but I mean that is like taking evidence from the second wife about the first wife or vice versa or the second husband bought the first husband. Now it's it's so. I mean so we should explain that you've got this this had developed so before you knew anything else but lockhart pa in new about mura on beck indoor yes So and that's that's kind of important to how the that your book than develops. Yes so.

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