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Down, cheering for the I'm cheering for the chief. Absolutely 100% team Holmes. Serious question. Does the Bills fan base come across? Is depressed too. You know, he was now. Well, I don't know. What do you talking Because I would say it's the opposite. I say they're psychotically happy and incredibly loyal. No matter what. So I, Curtis. I appreciate the call there doesn't they're sad. It said. I want to be bottom of the barrel. I wanna you know, you know, you know, even the kid who gets bullied if he can find a kid the bully Yeah, I would still say the Vikings air below, though. No, she didn't go. We're in a row, but you never got there. We've been to the Super Bowl multiple times for in a row. No, not in Orion. That's just the point on that was the point of talking to me. That's makes it worse. You're like down there. You know, we had we had to rebuild it to do with multiple teams. You guys strung four together and you couldn't pull the trigger. And then when you're in the year in the NFC, too, which is just embarrassing. Oh, here we We've gone over that before. Enjoyed why there was some guy on ESPN or whatever. It's like, You know what the problem is. The bills are gonna come out. They're probably gonna try to target my homes. And yeah, that's not gonna be very sporty Could she's coming off concussion protocol, But this is that you guys have already been painted his thug monster deal like there. John crease in the Karate kid told him to sweep the leg. So your job is to go after the quarterback. I don't know He goes out there and they're like, Yeah, You're good to go. And he goes out their place. And then they hit him there. Like dog. The monsters. Yeah, well, just prepare for it, okay? Silly That dude's already trying to heat and he was. He was one of the writers from that part of the contract camera whose Kansas City or what, but the point was that dude's already trying to hang an ass tricks around your neck. You know what I'm saying? No matter what. Yeah, no here state that's classless. By the way the bills win. It's gonna be well, it's because Patrick Mahomes wasn't at the top of his game. He was still suffering from the concussion. Sure, you know, I mean, that's why the bills went, but and if the bills lose, it's gonna be let go because they lost because Josh Allen It's gonna be a lose lose. It's gonna be like the trump thing again. It's like Trump, no matter what he did, there's gonna be a negative to it. Now. What do you want to open the sarcophagus it up, rip off the band Aid. All right, let's.

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