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Like i said that's kind of what your year has been you've got stage. Rally and hill climb and rallycross and those are all cut from a similar cloth you know at least to the untrained eye certainly yes so actually leading the offshore powerboat championship and leading the area rally championship And working really hard on getting all the courses setup for nitra rallycross We got the first to build and man. So much fun was over to good wouldn't do that. He'll climb a lot less of he'll climb if you will than than mount washington gonna be as far as just steepness. That's more of a driveway. But it was just. I got to ride shotgun with jimmy. Mcrae colin mcrae's father just got on got an a motor. gp bike. I was like this is just a kidney candy shop over. Got the fly like an iron man suit plus to another and flying around on like this. Good everything so had more seat time. This year that i've ever had feel like i'm driving better than ever had Still getting more pavement practice Especially with the air slayer gymkhana stuff but still it's more sliding around Learning a lot from scott speed this year. Scott is quick to tell me how bad i am at payment. And how bad am rear-wheel drive but also very quick to To be the first one to kind of help helped me set up the cars better and understand what i need to go faster. And it's cool because it's like we're like ying and yang You know he came to gymkhana to do some donuts. I've never done a doughnut. Like what do you mean like. I was two years old and my go kart. The first day i got it. I was doing doughnuts. How could you not do doughnuts. But he's like man my name speed like i like to go fast. I like to Came from f one and karting and it was all about not sliding so which really need about that as i kind of build the jumps Make sure that the safety is there as far as that so he doesn't break his back again this year. Sorry scott and you know really work from both ends so we'll know what corners are better with more slip angle. Because when i go off right. I lapsed practice. Sob doing and we'll know which corners work better which is most of them you know driving very tidy and precise and I think can be eighteen this year. No doubt and i do wanna talk about rx our bit because first of all you're the guy who kinda revolutionized irs when we were doing those last year because we were starting to get drivers and then suddenly you copied me on an email..

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