North Pole, Tom Melville And Dr Claire Parkinson discussed on BBC World Service


It seems that quite often hear on the news room we've had bad news for the North Pole about the dwindling ice cap there before long time the sea ice around Antarctica seem to have resisted decline now new research shows there's been massive loss of life there in only a few years and scientists are trying to understand why the news rooms Tom Melville has more sea ice works is part of the world climate control system reflecting the sun's rays back into space so they're not absorbed into the ocean thus raising temperatures it's one of the reasons that so much alarmed at the loss of sea ice in the arctic less ice means global temperatures may rise faster but in Antarctica sea ice has been a lot more robust and has even increased over the last forty years a fact which has scientists puzzled but that took place in resilience changed abruptly in two thousand and fourteen as Dr Claire Parkinson of NASA has revealed in your research in that year there was a precipitous decline in Antarctic sea ice a little bit more than two million square kilometers decrease occurred in this period from two thousand fourteen to two thousand seventeen so essentially a two year period in the arctic there has been a little more than two million square calamities increase but it took over three decades to get that large just as we don't know why Antarctic sea ice held up the circle research is now to and understand what caused such a large decline in only a few years Dr Parkinson again it's much more puzzling and there are studies done

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