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Coronavirus in Arizona underdone. That is how it sounded this morning of years in the state fairgrounds as health care workers started rolling up their sleeves for covert 19 vaccines. 80 years. Brazil does Latino was there and joins us now live from the news center banner. Health ICU Nurse Emily Beck was the first in line to get the vaccine. She has been treating covert 19 patients since the start of the pandemic. We have seen more people in our ICU, then probably ever before, and she says over 19 patients are among the sick is she has seen in nearly 20 years of being a nurse. Also getting the vaccine this morning was ICU. Dr. Jennifer Oh, hey, I feel really lucky to be here. And you know with that comes the responsibility. Toe. Keep taking care of people live in the news center. I'm Griselda City. No, Katya. Oh news. And coronavirus. Hospital metrics are continuing to search here. Cove in 19 hospitalizations continue to rise past the state's previous spike in July. Ventilator uses not far behind and will likely surpass the July heights in the coming days. 5817 new coronavirus cases reported today. Along with 147 new deaths more than 22,700 new diagnostic tests were processed overnight. Taylor Kepner up Katya our news. As for the benchmarks, eight Arizona counties are now in substantial Corona virus spread, and nearly the entire state is on track to move to substantial assumed is next week. And that will mean virtual learning models who recommended for schools and businesses face additional reopening restrictions. Katya our eyes on the economy, The national debt clock has surpassed $27 trillion and it's projected will hit the 50 trillion market the next four years, Arizona Congressman David Schweikert tells Arizona's morning news. He doesn't see government spending slowing.

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