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And I've really tried to understand 'cause you know in late in the game for show prep really trying to understand. Exactly what is it issue. Apparently there's a new character This Floyd Floyd guy get worked for For Giuliani well. The No. That's the live Parnasse guy. He works for Julian. Lloyd is well. It's important because floyd is one of these guys who shows up at a lot of trump events dance much like many people because he donates a lot of money. I think he's donated fifty five thousand dollars to the America first Super Pac Jack. which is where this live? Parnasse guy he donated three hundred fifty thousand but he did it through a Shell company which is why he's indicted and rightfully so because you can't have foreign money coming in don't even though we know how it's done usually credit cards in everyone's doing it the right way. So parnasse has a WHATSAPP messages that have been released. I'm not quite sure if they went through how they have been released. Or if it's part of the grand jury I don't know what it is but Rachel Maddow hasn't and there. It's very clear that he's texting with this. Floyd character and the floyd character is saying stuff like okay man yeah. Well we've got the ambassador in our purview. We see what she's doing. We've got her under civilians okay. She's now on her phone. She's turned off her computer so she and her house. She's not online this. This kind of message is going back and forth. This was tied back to part of the transcript if I understand it correctly from the call with the trump and the The president of Ukraine where trump says. I'm paraphrasing. Well she's going to go also a lot of trouble herself referring to the ambassador And that was in conspiratorial circles. Goals Taken as Oh my God. He was talking about taking a hit out on her. Then there's this floyd guy who surveilling her and knows apparently went her when her phone is on or winter computers on. They were trying to take her out. They were trying to killer and if you remember she was called back to the United States because they were there was a fear for her security purity so now all of a sudden we have escalated. this this corruption by trump as alleged into a hit job by trump and so and then the guy who's under indictment by four election campaign contribution Shen fraud key all of a sudden decides. Well I'm going to be a good guy I'm GonNa go talk to Rachel maddow about everything and I had to get because she published everything anything this morning Or maybe late last night online and this floyd character is a guy that apparently the trump hotel and this makes total percents in DC. It's kind of like the the the bar from Star Wars is a whole bunch of unsavory characters characters. Everyone's hanging around in the bar in the lobby and you know. DC is very much like this. Anyway it's no no different from Hollywood people hanging out at the Four Seasons Hotel Bar you are And the Oh as bobby near over there you know and so you can talk about you. Might you might bump into might say this is where most of the business is done on. It's where all the lobbyists are and of course. The trump hotel in DC has got to be an unbelievable seething pit of Republicans and hangers on mainly. That's that's that's the that's the thing. So this floyd guy you know. He's he's got money he's handing it out so you get invited to stuff when he's talking to people and apparently U. T. now had the through his contacts and Ukraine had the ambassador under surveillance and he's texting back and forth with left Parnasse. And here's Rachel's interview with him specifically talking about this frightening individual what. Why did those exchanges happen? What was he trying to tell you? I don't believe it's true. Yeah I think he was either drunk or he's trying to make himself bigger than it was so I didn't take it seriously and I was trying to see I didn't even response and most of the time time and if I did it was like something like Lowell or okay or great or you know something like that just to because I wouldn't respond for a long time and then I didn't want him to get rowdy the if I saw them next time and say well. Why didn't you type response? I would just amuse him until eventually as you can see. I cut him off but the texts where he was supposedly reporting on the whereabouts of the ambassador that are went on for a week. I mean it wasn't like one drunk night correspondent for seven days couldn't have been drunk the whole time the whole time he wakes up open He starts at six. I mean I've never seen this by. The way is not what Rachel wanted to hear. She did not want to hear the guys at total lunatic. He's drunk at six in the morning until late at night but it will continue drunk so you thought that this was him making it up. You didn't believe he actually had the ambassador under surveillance absolutely. I asked Mr Parnell several times over the course of our interview if those text messages from Robert Hyde indicated a real threat to ambassador. You'RE GONNA Vich. I asked him about it as many different angles. I could come up with. I was insistent and asking. He was adamant response. This is Rachel covering for herself. Because what's really bad with. What she doesn't want is twitter? Exploding and saying you didn't ask hard enough. You didn't push wash questions. You Cook something like that. It was totally her covering her ass and honestly down of course of sad. It's sad that she did that. She should have just not aired it all very good at what she does and this was not in the studio. This was At I think the guys lawyer's office she was a little bit out of her element. But that's how important the story was to her that she would. Because I can't believe I thought we're GONNA kill her. We're going to kill her but under surveillance now the guys just drunk lunatic all. Let's see that again. Money differed words turn Mr Parnell several times times over the course of our interview if those text messages from Robert Hyde indicated a real threat to ambassador Yvonna Vich I asked him about otherwise at Floyd. But it's hide so. I made a mistake but as many different angles I could come up with. I was insistent in asking. He was adamant in his response. So it's clear that you didn't take take Mr Hyde seriously in terms of the factual claims that he was making. But are you clear on whether or not there was ever an actual physical threat or a threat of personal intimidation against ambassador. Von which over for my side or anybody. I know you didn't worry that she was actually in physical danger number. Because because you didn't believe Mr Hyde believe this okay. So that was kind of a bummer. But the guy did say something which I think rings true true and it's very plausible and so after certain instances trump were supposed to mean president. Trump was supposed to meet Alinsky in Poland himself but then He used the excuse of the hurricane. But it wasn't because of the hurricane that was because he was angry. That's alinsky style. Didn't make any attempt or effort to make the announcement before he was going to meet him and he was. That was an excuse. And that wasn't the real reason because I spoke to talk to me too. I mean we spoke about this every day. I I mean everything that was going on was discussed to Victoria Rudy. I mean the team President President trump is supposed to go he decides not to Vice President. Pence administered STA and basically he was supposed to go there and get it straight out. That was supposed to make another announcement and that didn't happen. And and that's on both secretary. Voting went over there. I think he has a lot to say. I'm not GonNa talk on his by think he's a key witness to his conversation with Alinsky when he came back and why he left or got fired over. You WanNa look at that. Let me make sure I understand what you're saying. When Vice President Pence went over there on September first and president trump said you believe you have reason to believe the vice president pence was tasked at that meeting with getting being presidents Alinsky to announce investigations of Joe Biden specifically? and to tell him that they wouldn't get their eight until they. I don't know exactly what he was. The it was all its. It's obviously the like. I said the aid is off was something that I think the president decided to do. What's it called but it was? I think think of reaction to that. There was no announcement being made after so many times in so many promises still holding the was the president sort of innovation to to to add to the leverage. The pressure that people like you are the vice president and Mr Giuliani. Everybody involved in this effort was putting on the Ukrainian government so Rachel leading the witness at the end but the first part I that rings true to me I think it was Pence's job to go and get an announcement I don't I think he messed it up and for that reason alone maybe he will not be on the ticket. I'm predicting right now. He will resign someone else's going to be on A on the vice presidential ticket for for trump. I think I think he screwed up royally there especially because it's now coming out well after those clips I should re read it right the ban on Rachel maddow clips unexciting pouring. Yeah but this and we do have a place to take a look at that one issue this guy has this guy ever talk to the president know as the guy ever met the president doubtful foil. Two guys have Rudy Giuliani. Fix Her and works for Giuliani This seems like it could be just all lot of thin air. I am not convinced about any of it. There's there's no not not a bag man. No I think he is a bag man. I think he's the perfect bag man because he doesn't doesn't look or act like one I think he is a bag man and I think he screwed this up and and write it down in the book. He won't be on the ticket. He will not be on the ticket. You have the book or you're writing down the book you got a book read book. Is it in the book..

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