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Jill is a senior account. Executive team lead at continuum out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and to say that she is consistent would be almost an understatement. Welcome to the show. Joe I get afternoon so let's jump right in like we always do and talk about the three things that you believe have contributed the most to your success a continuum. Yeah absolutely so I think these two words go hand in hand so I'm only gonNA count it as one consistency Johnson persistency. There's kind of you know no distinguish to me. There's there's there's no difference there honesty and passion also well. Let's let's take one of each. Should those individually and I am most interested in the consistency because the way that we connected you had heard a image on linked in after your fifth. If you're in a row is being the top account executive at continuum and there is a giant banner in in your office talk about the banner and will put that in the show. Oh notes if you go to top one dot. FM forward slash. Jill Dash Ammon that's A. M. O. N. will include that image there but talk about that banner just talking about what what what is the consistency and persistency mean to you. And how do you. How does it apply? Yeah so I mean I'm not my family would say I'm a natural born salesperson. I they say no because I don't fall into some of the typical stereotypes but I think a lot of getting to where I am today really is just my driving work ethic which I have to attribute tribute that to my parents. They taught my sister and I very well from a young age that you have to be motivated to get get any place in life can't sit back and let it come to you so a lot of that is with with the consistency and persistency. So I am constantly making my calls running through my sales cycle working my pipeline and basically if someone tells me no today but they don't tell me to get lost then I'm going to reach out to them in the future so by staying consistent what my main goal is is is to have that person. Think of me I when the time is right to buy so with consistency and persistency I like to be. I like to walk the border line of not stocking the customer but always having them know that I'm there when needed so. I don't want to be that annoying owing salesperson that they're going to hang up and dread my calls they told me to follow up in six months from now on putting a note in salesforce and I'm following up with them in six months from now and you know that might that might might turn into the conversation at that point or they might say. Hey you know if if if you don't mind I'm not quite ready yet. Could you try me back in another month or two. I'm here to work on their time. Line and and I think that that's really been the main focus of of how I've been able to be a top performer. Urine and year out love that love that and it's it's funny the fine line. My favorite joke there here is is you know ultimately what we want is purchase orders and just not restraining orders. That's a good one might have to use that they're yours. It's free for the stealing so talk about the honesty piece and I love that you called out that you don't fit into any of the stereotypes. I don't know that anybody that I've had on the show. Fits into the stereotype. Sorry this is a very stereotype smashing sort sort of idea like I think we all have this. Mental image of what top performers really are and. The reality is very different thing and I think you may be much more common than you think in terms of what you are and I think honesty is is one of those elements. It comes into play so talk about that just a little bit more detail. Yeah so absolutely and can you know maybe maybe the place to start with the honesty. Is that my very first. Sales job was working at best. Buy So I'm managed a a copying and printing company right out of college for about thirteen years and I had. I just love to travel so I I wanted to go over to London. I won a contest where I got cheap airfare to go to London and my family freaked out like Oh my God. You're gonNA leave the country. It's so expensive of you can't go with just you and a friend. It's not safe. You know things like that. So I'm like how am I going to pay for this on like well. I guess I better go get a second job so they had just associate up a best. Buy Pretty close to where I live and I cruise. Dan and I said Hey. I want to get a job. So they threw me into the video and camera department. And what I liked most about best buy was kind of tracked with with my own personal morals and kind of the DNA of who I am that we sold and it wasn't on a commission basis so you had circuit city right across the street those folks on commission so to sales people when you go over there to buy something they're pushing. What's making them the most money when you walked into best buy I get to talk? Yeah about things that I've used I try try to kind of understand from the customer's perspective of of what they need and put them with the product based on what their needs are Dr Solana. That really Kinda hit home for me because I'm an honest person if they told me. Hey you've got to try to get them to buy the Sony One. All they really need. Is You know the Samsung model or something like that. I probably would wouldn't have lasted because I don't like I've got you. You Know Catholic guilt so I wanna sell someone something that. That isn't a good fit for them. So I think that that's really been a lot of who I've been and how I've been so successful over. The years is is just because I'm an honest person. I believe in telling someone and being upfront with them. If this product is not going to do what you need it to do don't buy hi it. My product will do a lot of things anything that I've sold over the years. You know there are always perfect. People that that this product matches but then there are people that it's not going to do what you need it to and I think by being honest you really set yourself apart from someone. That's just trying to get that sign contract and move onto the next sale. Great stuff. Great stuff they'll put this all in perspective for us a little bit. Maybe just talk to talk to us about what is what is your role. Yes so I work. Today I work with a new partner. Acquisition team that continuum I managed the Southeast Territory Story. So that's from about traditionally from West Virginia Down to Florida over to about Alabama. Cover Tennessee. And you know those states in there are in typically. What my main role is? I'm going out. I'm following up with marketing. Generated leads things that we get through website traffic and and stuff like that. And I'm doing a lot of cold calling to MSP's managed service providers within my territory. So what I'm trying to do as I'm trying to bring them on. His new customers for continuum were a platform provider for managed service providers with fully integrated knock in white labeled help desk in our strong suit. And what sets US apart from every other competitor out there is the fact that we actually can help make. MSP's more profitable on their existing contracts tracks and really set them up for great scale ability growth just by doing things away we do them. It's a business model it's not. Hey here's a piece of software combat and move on so what I do is I go out and I recruit new. Ms Piece sometimes. The sales cycle like this morning I had sales cycle. That was probably too long man. That's moving to contract. But I I have folks that I've actually talked to four two to three years going back to my earlier point the consistency the persistency so the sales cycle can be pretty long but basically what but what I'm doing is bringing on new new customers getting them into a one or two year contract with continuum in and getting the start of their partnership. I then work with those particular Taylor. MSP's for the first three months three to four months of their partnership in during that time we can sometimes uncover additional opportunities to cross sell and upsell. Some I'm over other products and services but what we really want to make sure that we didn't sell you something that you don't know how to use an implement. We WanNa make sure that you understand how everything works. What makes it tick back? And how to get the best experience out of the products and services to deliver that client the top quality services for backup and grew up monitoring monitoring and security that that we have out there excellent and talk about the team lead part of your title. Yeah sure so. I was very fortunate. I mean the evolution of kind of my career continuum has kind of been all over the map. I came in and I was part of a team of ten when we had five geographic regions throughout the world but mainly. They were focused on the United States. Canada the Caribbean and Europe. And that was it. That was pretty much the the only places at that particular point that we sold to so each territory worry had a senior account executive and then an account executive so I started in that account executive role probably within two three months of that role. I had a colleague who actually brought me to continuum. She and I worked together at Fedex prior she she and I were doing so well that they actually paired us up as to juniors and a territory and we pretty much went out and and grew that territory crazy so after the first six months to a year at continuum they kind of overhauled hauled how we were doing things and they figured we need to focus on farming the existing accounts that we have to grow so they divided our team in half effectively and there were five of us that were left in the hunter to roll to then work anywhere in the country anywhere in the world that we could get new new folks leads just kind of came in and around Robin fashion and through that time we had a little bit of turnover or you know some new people joining the team. Some people move into different roles in the company and really what I started doing was kind of noticing places where there were failures in our process. Like we're doing things good but this could be better and here's how we could do it better. So I kinda was at person that took the chance to kind of stuck my my neck out to if you go to my senior management at the time we were under the marketing department and I propose some some changes and some things that could kind of help make our job a little bit more more productive automated a little bit through salesforce so since I had been doing that and kind of being the one to go out there and kind of take that initiative my senior intervene President Jean Hopkins at the time. She decided that they wanted to elevate me above my peers in my group because I was spending a good amount of time training. best-practice this salesforce hygiene things like that for all of our new account executives and basically kind of just wanted to elevate me to hire role than a senior account EXEC. Because I was still doing my job doing my job consistently but I also had all these other responsibilities that in reality take you away from selling. So how do you balance balance that to still be a top performer. So that's kind of where the team lead title was born from. That's awesome and I love that you're able to make that type of contribution into the broader organization to your peers and still perform as the as the number one eight t now before we talk about Jill's results..

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