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Just a one possession game. Duke Wall inside of 30, seconds to go check it out the gold wire up top. Stuart Open three for the time. No good. Rebound tipped on the baseline into the hands of Johnson. He lost it mad scramble on the floor for the ball, and we're gonna have a hell bowl. It's a hell blow the possession. Arrow favors Louisville. They'll take it with 6.3 seconds to go. Made inbounds. The Jones he'd hit some free throws Louisville of the line today, particularly in the second half down the stretch. Very good. 18 and 24th the line on the night 13 of 17 in the second half, Just five second half turnovers. Louisville edges out the wind 70 65 over the Blue devils And as we go back to Ryan Rodkin will produce guys I know where seven weeks away from selection Sunday. And nobody knows how many games anybody is going to play, But five and five and zero Quality wins. Duke is in danger of missing the tournament for the first time since 1995. Yeah, Jason and you know we were talking about this before the game will and you had mentioned that you know, today was a great opportunity for Duke. They had not had kind of that signature win yet this year if they could come in here, get out of here with the victory seven of the next 10 at home. Maybe this would be the day that would propel Duke forward And as Jason mentioned, there is still plenty of time left. It's a Duke team that is struggling to find some answers Right now they really are and what it's one of the things you always talk about establishing identity and coach two chefs he's always been talking about with this season. I need consistency. Need guys that could speak assistant for one game to the next, and he's not getting that. But it's also at this point, and this is just let's classify. This is a rumor. All right, There's no I have no hard evidence to this. But I've talked to some college coaches who feel like Because of the protocol that's required because of the fact that there's going to be this bubble and Indianapolis because of the fact that Teams that air quotes qualify for the NC double a tournament are gonna have to come in early. There's a lot of coaches that believe that there will not be conference tournaments because of the fact that those conference tournaments happen. And men's basketball. Unlike women's, where there's a two week break and men's basketball, there's only a one week break. So that's where do now has to start turning this on. They can't sit there and say, Well, you know what? We could just make a run in the A C C tournament and get some quality wins. And then you know, have our ranking rise our strength of schedule. You can't rely on that this year because of the unknown, So it'll be interesting to see how they could possibly turn this around. And who do they look too? Besides, Matthew hurt for that consistency Who could help him on the offensive end of the floor? Yeah, And I think that's the biggest question right now For do we know what hurt is done. Second league in scoring. He has 24 In the game today, but he gets into foul trouble. Fouls out with 1 50 to go and you just don't know who you can go to jail in. Johnson was great on Tuesday night, had some moments here tonight, but wasn't is consistent. Stuart and roads continue to struggle, shooting the ball gold wires, not really an offensive threat. They're gonna have to figure that especially with it feels like the sec Like a lot of leads. You're gonna have a lot of close games like this one. We're gonna need some answers down the stretch. And always you gotta do is look at the box score. And you're like Duke play 10 guys. Coach K is searching. He's trying to find answers, and he's put himself in a position to where he you know if you listen to him when he talks, and after these games he's uncomfortable with with his rotation. He you know, he If he says, I turned around, and I look and I'm like, Well, who can I count on? Get some points from me. Who can I count on to get a stop or rebound and it seems like he doesn't have a lot of answers. He has ideas. He thinks he does. Who could Who could do it? But what he doesn't have is the proof. Let's select our Geico player of the game. Well, I think we know that. Is it Z gonna be the grad transfer from Radford? Charlie Jones had 24 points 19 in the second half of those 19. Nine of them came from the free throw line. He played all 40 minutes. I think it was around. What about the 10 minute? Mark? We came back from a time out. You and I were talking is during the commercial break, and I said, Hey, we need to mention this because his car like Jones was coming off the floor. Chris Mack was walking by him. He pounded his chest, he told Chris Mac get me the basketball and he was the difference in this game. Today. He's the player of the game sponsored by Geico. Whether you rent or own Geico makes it easy to bundle home and auto insurance. Having a home is hard work, so get a quote at Geico dot com. Easy when we talk about what's going wrong for Duke and where they are right now for Louisville. This was a good win. Today. They had lost their last two games. They looked a little lifeless a times in those contests, but they get the win. Go to 10 and three there now five and two in the A. C. C. It felt like they cleaned up a lot of issues that plague them in those last couple of losses they did and let's go back to that Florida State game. Watch the post game press conference after watching the game and Chris Mac talked about You know, we got punked by Florida State. We got a lot of growing up to do a lot of work to do. I'm just these air he his words. We're young. We're in experience. We need to practice better. We need to prepare better. We need toughness. We need to develop better habits. He went on and on and on. He looked really flustered. But I think he got the answer he was looking for. They played Monday took Tuesday off and got three solid days of practice. And I think that showed And that's one of the things that they're shooting was definitely better, because if you go and you look at the last two games, their losses against Miami and Florida State They were seven of 36 for behind the yard for 19% tonight, six of 16 for 38%, But the thing I liked Was, you know, going into a game? There's a game plan, and I guarantee you. One of the things that Chris Mac talked about is we have to keep Duke off the offensive boards. They don't shoot that well, and they propped their offense up with second chance opportunities. They limited Duke to six offensive rebounds for the game. Will enjoy it. Look forward to doing it again soon. Thanks. I hope so. I mean, it was a great game. We talked about all the lead changes. I mean, both these teams I thought played tenacious. I thought they both came out. We're ready to play. And as we talk about down the stretch with no bathroom hurt, Duke had a couple good. Looks at the basket just couldn't get him to drop. 18 lead changes in the game. Neither team led by more than six Louisville comes out on top baby Duke 72 65. Let's send it back to Jason Horowitz. Now in our Westwood one studios really felt right that Duke had the lead a little bit more often than you did in the final end of it. Louisville lead for 29 minutes, Right, so they control the game back and forth, Never huge lead. They did have the lead for most of its 70 65 the final big win for Chris Mack and company Now it's time for duty. Oh, try and regroup yet again after another close loss, All right, when we return get you caught up on everything around the country. Baylor was tested. The Bears Leave Stillwater. Undefeated. That and everything else when we return..

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