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I'm Chris foster the FBI says the man who killed three American sailors at a base in Pensacola Florida last year and have contact with al Qaeda members overseas the justice department says they were able to break the encryption on the shooter's iPhone the gunman was a Saudi Air Force pilot assigned to train with the U. S. navy as part of a decades long arrangement between the nations earlier this year a recording purportedly made by al Qaeda's Arabian peninsula group claimed responsibility for the attack FOX's Eben brown the head of the World Health Organization says there will be an investigation into the origins of the corona virus pandemic and the Chinese government response from workstations action show using Chinese president xi Jinping saying his country will support an investigation of the global response to the corona virus outbreak what's in a speech to the World Health Organization Samuel meeting she said an inquiry should only happen when the pandemic is under control American coming up on the Tuesday edition of justice Andrew the legislature may have a jerk but the work is probably far from over we'll get the latest from Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka at seven thirty five also we'll keep you updated as more and more businesses open up even some in defiance of the state just under eleven local sixty nine Twin Cities news talk eleven thirty and one thirty five of them now we turn to mark starting here on the Rush Limbaugh program great to be with you is out today but the man himself says fifty fifty he'll be back when say always love being with you it's a it's a real treat and.

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