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War is a huge problem and we should help us much is possible, but we do have to fix our own country Initially, Donald Trump said. That it was a tragedy and that we needed to help these people. But then something changed. News and media led by info Wars, led by bright Bart started to question Trump. For example, On September 9th conspiracy theorist Alex Jones hosted a show on his Info Wars platform called European Migrant Crisis. A Trojan Horse for Isis invasion. The segment talked about a baseless conspiracy theory that suggested Isis fighters were disguising themselves as my girl. Which is the position that Trump eventually adopted. When he adopted that he used the exact same language that they did, he called them a Trojan horse. This could be the great Trojan Horse of all time, because you looking, it's exactly the opposite of Trump's original instinct. And when the falsehood made the jump from info wars to the now president People listened. The typical mainstream Republican probably wouldn't listen to info wars. They probably wouldn't listen to these extremists, you know, anti Muslim blocks, but they would listen to a presidential candidate who you know they admired and respected. On Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zucker Burg indefinitely banned President Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts. Saying, quote. We believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great, but even removing the president of the United States from the world's biggest social network, says Murcia. May not be enough to fully tamp down his messaging. The same time we've seen that when platforms start to censor political speech that people seek it out in other ways, right, so they moved to parlor or they moved to other ways of communicating on so I think that for Trump's base, they will continue to seek out his opinions. As long as he wants to be politically relevant. I think that he can be Alex Jones from info Wars was kicked off multiple social networks, including face Book in 2018 for violating hate speech policies. Jones didn't disappear after that deep platform Ng, but Murcia says it did make a difference. They did take him out of the mainstream. And they did stop his circulation on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube on guess Oh, in some ways that deep platform Ng is a model for what could happen to Donald Trump reporting for perspective. I'm Mike to busting ABC news. Coming.

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