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He's not even thinking about being finished the point four years more. He wants to play. He can't accept the gold mantle because he doesn't want to rest on his laurels. He's just like that was the Michael Jordan in him. Speaking did Michael Jordan wanna be goaded before he left Chicago. No, he needed to look for every little way, shape and form even with was Michael Jordan's hall of fame speech that you hated what did he do? He just destroyed. Everybody who down. Yeah. What what what did he say ninety two? What did magic say, Michael, Jordan? This is my MBA. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson. He said the Larry Bird, so he home. Now every day, I covered Michael Jordan. He looked for another fight to pick with somebody for no reason, I told you the story they're playing New Jersey and Calipari is on the sideline and Michael went off on them at New Jersey one once Friday night, and I just sat there and all and Michael is pointing at Cal pairing. I'm thinking he doesn't even know Calipari. So I go to Michael after the game what's going on. He said, I don't know. I just don't like the way he acts. I don't like the way you walks up and down the Cy. I said you don't like the way he walks struts up and down the sideline. And I wanted to put him in his play you wanted to put that little guy. Nobody even knew Calipari was okay skill. He does he as the fact he called a goat walls into a locker room said he the bed is Mojo. What invest that's Jordan all over again? That's who he is. No. No, no, no. No. No, no. He doesn't want anybody to tell him. He's the goat. No. No. No. You're not getting it. You don't understand? He needs chip on children. He needs Shannon Sharpe. To keep saying. He's too old. What did I hear the whole year from Shannon Shaw? He's too old. He's lost his nerve. He's lost his velocity. He's lost. His accuracy. What did he do to you? He he just stuck it right down your throat. Did you see it gets the chargers? Did you see him at Kansas City? Did you see him in that drive in the Super Bowl at one drag? You know, what to do? My turn. Rebuttal. You can't do this. So Michael Jordan Tom Brady who is Michael Jordan, Tom Brady wants to be able to tell the crowd at the rally before he gets on the plane to the Super Bowl. We're still here. We're still here. If you go to you can't say, we're still here because then you think knowledged he's the greatest he doesn't wanna be knowledge yet. He wants you to doubt him. He needs to be fueled by Shannon Sharpe. And you gotta keep you need you to keep ripping him because you're going to rip him all the way to three more Super Bowls. That's what's going to happen. Yeah. Argument for me, you keep saying he's saying that privately, and that's my point. He thinks he can see it when he walks on the field. You can see he's the baddest on the planet. You know? He's trying to compete with that. He's humble. And that's not the way. He he doesn't want straight into say. You're the goat. He's like, I cringe. He doesn't wanna stop. If he had just retired. He would accept that. So no the word if you're playing if you play so hold on. And he's only just begun. No issue. Ten years. You don't get it. You don't understand the psyche? Because you can't get seat through the package. There's something about the package that offends you. And I get it about the past five me. What biz me when he insults intelligent when he says one thing privately and he tries to display this publicly death by problem. Stop lying. The problem humility fear. He doesn't need the public to endorse him. He endorses himself. He was the one. Who said I'm still the baddest on the plan saying what believes that one? No, no. Why does second? Did. He not what Shannon Sharpe. Did he not look like the Battisti enough to you?.

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