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You can still tour to these guys sell Mersa these guys and make a huge live enough, but Denzel huge he's on Rick Ross's new album shit. Yeah. Yeah. You you keep saying the name, but the more here, I'm like man, I feel like I want to feel like going to say I've heard that name. It's not Steph curry is different. Washington. Movies train? See the one. That's then sells kid, I know it. Men, look, and there's a lot more. I mean, there's a lot of art is out there that I'm not even mentioning right? You know? So yeah, man, check. This is a lot Miami has a lot to offer is a lot of diversity Miami. Miami's still like like any other city, man. We we hate on each other crabs in a bucket. You know, it's it's difficult to get out. But once you get out this fucker, you going and what the fuck was that that was cool. Trick. Let me go. Lane. Another time emission intimacy. Do you guys back? Do you get a good chance for presenting your Miami on a on your shrink, man? I get hate mail from that shit. Really like, we get it. You're from Miami. And you're Cuban we get it. We got to say that trolls all the time. That'd be going coming from New York. He does in that accident. So what do people expect coming up the season man with you guys on during champs? I mean, we got a lot of great guests. I think I could name we got exhibit up nex. We got freeway Ricky, we got Rick Ross also, which is amazing. If you didn't see we were on, love and hip hop. Jess history. Shown H one cameras came to our show. But I mean, we haven't released episode. Yeah. Right. Actually, you know, what really quick men s you guys. So you guys got a quick. I don't know if it's an honorable mention or not here on that fire festival, man. That's that was a word. What's the legal word? I could say for that. But we didn't clear that. I heard you speak on that, man. What did you find weird that you guys got the name or that people were calling to congratulate you for getting a mother nothing? I'm just an guessing casting they use a horrible. I mean this. It's weird. I don't I don't know. know. Netflix about films day. Look you already you. The Hulu one grazie yet. They to fill who say that crazy who came out first and then flicks. But that people are watching Netflix, and they still interested, which is crazy. And watching the Hulu really want to watch this story twice. The phone one of those on the. You for a long time you ever had to work for shit show as the media, we have them. Fucking nobody in audience DJ for yourself and your friends like do you like this record? Hi, Richard of ours. Oh, man,.

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