Following Kamala Harris' Criticism, Joe Biden Defends His Civil Rights Record


The exchange everybody is talking about from the debate last night is the exchange between joe biden and kamala harris in which she unfairly attacked him in the most cynical possible fashion she started off by suggesting that joe biden joe i really believe you're not a racist okay when somebody says i believe you're not a racist you know what's coming next which is all the reasons why she thinks he's a racist should that last night it was really cynical she then suggested that his lack of support for forced busing in nineteen seventy seven that this was reflective of a deep underlying racial animus that joe biden that cruel old man would have stopped little gung kamala from going to a school across town that's joe biden stood in front of that bus like george wallace at a school house door and stopped young comma from being able to attend the school of her dreams in berkeley california is bunch of nonsense cynical nonsense no one's still comma harass you know it's funny we're talking about forced busing forced busing was originally designed to achieve racial balance in the schools to achieve integration in the schools today there's more defacto segregation in american schools than there was back in the nineteen eighties so should we do forced busing now like kamla do you propose to forcibly bus tens of thousands of american school children across town to various schools both crappy a non crappy do you expect the parents won't then remove their kids from those schools do expect that will lead to a rise in charter schools or in private schools or home schooling what exactly proposing the beauty of comal harris does here is that she doesn't make policy proposal because if she did it would be unpopular instead she just implies that if you don't support a broad non non specific policy proposal that she apparently likes then you must have hated her when she was Child. She attacked Biden, Biden doesn't have a good response for it. i do not believe you are a racist and i agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground but i also believe and personal and i was actually very it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two united states senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of grace in this country and his second so there she's already being dishonest that's not what your biden said which biden said is i didn't like these guys i had to negotiate with them 'cause i'm in the senate now come on harrison's a radical she's never negotiated with anybody on the other side is one of the more dislike members of the of the senate particularly like there's certain senators like cory booker who has friends on the other side of the aisle i'm not aware that kamala harris has any on the other side of the aisle she's one of those cynical radical players in the senate when she suggests that biden is fulsomely praising segregationist it's nonsense you'll hear biden respond to that in a moment then she gets to her real attack which is that biden was going to prevent her from going to school when she was six it was not only that but you also worked with them to oppose busing and you know there was a little girl in california who is part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me so i will tell you that on this subject it cannot be an intellectual debate among democrats we have to take it seriously we have to act swiftly as a torney general california i was very proud to put in place a requirement that all my special agents would wear body cameras and keep those cameras on Okay. shifts this right so she she gets a huge round of applause oh the first of all there are a couple of things worthy of note one she says in that clip we can't have an intellectual debate about this i thought that's what policy debates were were where we talk about the costs and benefits of particular proposals not the innate morality of the proposal not the implication that you are more moral than the other guy for proposing something that is completely unworkable which is what she's doing right here and then she doesn't shift to and that is why as attorney general and presidential candidate and senator i have always supported forced busing of children right that would be the logical corollary would for would be for her to say you know you didn't support for busing i do an enforced busing is the way we aren't as we ought to be forcing kids in public schools from different areas to get on buses and we ought to be bussing them forty five minutes here so that we can achieve my ideal racial balance that's our she goes notice instead she goes to and that's why i support body cameras that is the biggest non sequitur that is a huge first of all i support body but it's such a huge non-sequitur right you would expect her to say okay and that's why i support forced busing she doesn't so she's actually saying here's a policy that i may or may not support but if you don't support your racist because you're white and when i was young i could only go to school because of forced busing even though i can't really say whether i support forced busing now i like body cameras notice the it it's a clever move to biden has no response because he's on a democratic debate stage and everybody is pandering on this debate stage he can't really say to harris listen i want you and i always wanted people to be able to go to the best school possible because he didn't support school vouchers for example or the ability to move between communities on a balance area but not a fourth based on a voluntary basis to go to a better public school he's never believed in that so he can't actually say that then he can't say force busing was a bad policy not approved by the vast majority of americans because then she'll say are you saying that i shouldn't have been able to go to a better school when i was a kid right she's demagoguing the issue and there's no way for him of to get out of it the only thing he could do here is say listen if you're suggestion is that my opposition to a particular set of badly written policies in the nineteen seventies makes me racially insensitive you're knowing my entire history you say that you were a kid and you were affected by these policies guess who is fighting to open up civil rights in america this and eventually biden gets to this answer it just takes them too long and he doesn't look good doing it so here's a little bit more of the exchange You have been invoked your chance to restart. this characteristic my position across the board i did not praise racist that is not true number one number two if we want to have this campaign litigated who supports civil rights whether i did or not i'm happy to do that i was a public defender i didn't become a prosecutor i came out i left a good law firm to become a public defender when in fact when in fact when the fact my city was inflamed because of the sausage dr king number one number two as the u._s. as me as the vice president is states i worked with a man who in fact we worked very hard to see to it we don't with these issues in a major major way the fact is that in terms of bussing the busing i never would have been able to go to school the same exact way because it was a local decision made by your city council that's fine that's one of the things argued for that we should not be we should be break down these lines but so the bottom line here is look everything i've done in my career i ran because of civil rights i continue to think we have to make fundamental changes in civil rights and those civil rights by the way include not just african americans but the

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