Judge favored leniency in rape case because of teen's 'good family'


To New Jersey judges have come under fire for their handling of rape cases one asking whether a sixteen year old Eagle Scout quote from a good family end of quote should face serious consequences over a video recorded assault on an intoxicated teenager another judge ask whether a twelve year old girls loss of virginity constituted serious harm the comments which follow other cases of perceived leniency towards sex offenders with privileged backgrounds lead victim advocates to question whether these judges are sufficiently trained to handle assault cases in the meat to era Patricia tefan heart the executive director of the New Jersey coalition against sexual assault said survivors worst fears are now coming to life they're fearful of victim blaming or having the crimes committed against them being minimized Monmouth County judge James Troiano said in his opinion the Eagle Scout charged with assaulting the sixteen year old it up a Java party had a good test scores and was on track to attend a top college thanks for listening to USA radio

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