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Most new york post and he was not shy about commenting about his old team he said he thinks that they're going to win the division but he also said he doesn't like nate nate solder their big free agent acquisition this year so ben mcadoo ripping his old team and talking about teams in the nfc east is little surprising i guess and now look tom coughlin actually said this similar things because after kaufman got moved out the giants spent a lot of money on defensive players have their defense is there bad defense that last year for cough was probably cost him his job he said hey if they've got these guys when i was here i'd probably still have the job so maybe he's i don't know i don't know if this would help his i actually if he says he thinks the giants going to the super bowl or something or be good when the division and then they're not yeah well maybe it makes him look you know better than you know it wasn't me it was it was the team i don't i don't know but surprising to kind of throw the eagles under the bus a little bit he also kind of flipped off washington a little bit well washington they're washington and nate solder what's he got against the older he says it'll be good in the locker room but he's really not that good of a player good enough to protect town eric flowers doesn't know how to bend and that was the problem for him playing left tackle for ben mcadoo bending yeah one guy who's got a problem now it'd be jags running back leonard fournette is problem stash is that he is not happy with his speed rating in the new version of mad and that's gonna come out next month i believe he's in the eighties eighty six eighty seven for his speed rating he says he wants to be taken out of madden because he's not happy with his rating so players caring about their ratings in a video game is the te'o care probably he's in the he's on a cover for net is not all deals on the cover of madden this year yes tarallo why is that i never players doing a thing if they done that before i can't remember i'm not mad i don't you're going to have to educate me about speed ratings and things like that but are you surprised that the players care so much because he's not the only one i mean how much do they really care i mean they could say that you know is losing sleep over it i don't i don't know i'll i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna secede to you on this the answer this i would say unsurprising guys care about their ratings athletes care man rating people talk about that nfl top one hundred list upset well where he was listed in the nba's best players they all and you know what he's way down now anthony is like the lowest in the to hear people talk and carmelo is going to be a free agent i guess are gonna have to work out a trade with oklahoma city the way people talk now about carmelo anthony you would think he's like the worst player in the nba you'd think he's like timothy mazda or something like that i understand his stock has fallen.

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