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Following gas prices in Montgomery, the Speedway, an orchard and caterpillar selling gas for A dollar 90 for a gallon in Palestine, the shell on Northwest Highway and Palatine Road is gas for 204. If you see a lower gas price, please give us a call 312409 GS s news time 10 38 traffic and weather together on the eighth sponsored by Geico and Here's Mo Duran Robbe. Not many major issues on the expressway isn't always let's start in the suburbs and Bloomingdale. We got an issue in Bloomingdale Road. It's slow north of Lake Street because of a crash. The diner road. Maybe you're better choice there in Willowbrook around 83 slow both directions north of 63rd because of an accident, So Clarendon Hills is a good choice there. We also have a crash in Wheaton Butterfield Road, slow both directions east of neighbor Ville Road because of a crash. So Roosevelt is your better option through the area on the expressway is no Eden's delays in her out. The Kennedy inbounded slow from the Hubbard Street tunnel into downtown 24 from O'Hare 14 from the junction on the outbound Kennedy no problems to report out to the airport. Eyes narrow him down. Just go from Ashland into downtown. The outbound side of the lake looking great Stevenson. All clear in and out. Just 30 minutes between 3, 55 and Lakeshore Drive the Dan Ryan and bouncy and brake lights on from the Stevens and Roosevelt, but just 20 minutes 90 50 into downtown. The downside of the Dan Ryan 15 from downtown to the split. I 50 seven's all good between III in the Dan Ryan. Same store on the Bishop Ford where you're clear Lake Shore Drive North down, So from Soldier Field arose about the south side of the drivers moving. Okay. The tri state tollway north down heavy into the 2 90 ramp with south outside's fine with no worries on the Gene Adams or Reagan's Always the 3 55 53 combo is wide open north and South bound, smooth sailing on I 83 Juliet as well in northwest Indiana. All clear on 80 94 I 65 of the Indiana Toll Road Next traffic report at 10 48 News Radio 7 81 5 point w bbmak you whether it's going to be breezy and Cool is clowns Give way to more more sunshine as we go through the rest of the day High 56 cold tonight. Freeze warnings out for the early morning hours till about nine o'clock Friday morning.

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