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May 3rd 2022 Welcome to WTO glad you're with us It's one O 8 Michael and son spring AC tuna for only $49 Brother could weather all the gates and when it breaks let's check in this Tuesday morning with rich hunter All right traveling in the district still working I two 95 southbound news interchange for suitland Parkway and south capital street single fall wreckage by the works and briefs slowdown Traffic volume much lighter at this hour so delays have actually eased getting into and through that work So the work that was on D.C. two 95 up near Pennsylvania and then appears to have been wrapped up in cleared Marilyn bellway had a loop between the exit four joint base Andrews and route four Pennsylvania avenue two left lanes past the milling and paving project as of late getting vibe without life Virginia beltway working on the inner loop between Arlington boulevard 9 66 single left leg at your by antelope headed south through 7 through the interchange at 66 single left flame passed the work there and the ramp to go west on 66 is open from the outer loop Now if you're traveling in Maryland to 70 north found between Watkins mall road and Germantown road still getting by that works in a single file right over in point of rocks 15 between route 28 and the point of rocks road traffic circle the alternate traffic one direction at times that works on also doing milling and paving over in German town one 18 between Lehman farm road and riffle four road then they alternate traffic one direction at a time through the construction and over on Connecticut avenue just inside the beltway near Jones bridge road You're down to a single right lane in each direction as a result of road work Rich hunter of a UTI traffic storm team four track in what should be a pretty nice looking Tuesday across our region We'll see a mix of sun and clouds high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s Now tracking a storm.

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