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Don't you think when you get to eat in three But yet I feel like the Browns. I feel like the Buffalo Bills, who are also eight and three. Just don't seem to be getting credit. What are we supposed to do? Just give Kansas City credit is that all we do? And everybody else short. All of Kansas City and patch from homes. Isn't good. Is that really what we're gonna do? You think it's just gonna be easy for the Chiefs? I mean, two people forget that the Chiefs were down like 24 points. To Shawn Watson, the Houston, Texas last year. I don't think it's gonna be a cakewalk like would any of these teams really want to play? The bills of the Browns in a playoff game. I mean, I remember everybody thought last year was gonna be easy for the Baltimore Ravens. The New England Patriots. And what happen to the Patriots. They run in the Derrick Henry. And their season is over and Brady leaves. I just don't know if it's gonna be as easy as everyone said We were joined by Zach Jackson of the athletic and I said, Is this just everybody looking up at Patrick Holmes and you can see chiefs but I think people forget This is not the MBA. This is not college football. Where we know the outcomes of these games a week ahead. Not even close. The NFL. These teams play so many Close games, especially in the playoffs. Ah, specially when weather becomes a gigantic factor, as you know, it will. And right now, as slated these thieves games and I go into a bubble. Not gonna just play all these games and Say Arizona or Indy in a dome. As it stands right now, they're gonna be playing in the elements. And I can't wait to see it because teams like the Titans, the Browns, even the bills, they have running games. And what they always say about running games. Travels, and it's certainly Travels into the postseason. And I'm excited about it. All right, 855 to 1 to four CBS That's four. 2 to 7. I want to get you on board. Do you feel like your team is getting disrespected? Who are the most disrespected teams right now in the NFL and When we come back. Something happened in the NBA this week. That should be alarming. When it comes to the health of the league. I'll get into that will continue our NFL discussion next. Anthony Lima in for Ken Carmen, CBS Sports Radio, Are you the parent of a 227.

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