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Charts writer at bloomberg news contributor to the mlive have a blog of course a do sign up for his his email daily email reminded state how we do that by sending me an email go he's you know he will soon at bloomberg that net that's d wilson bloomberg dot net and as for the banks the means story there is really their ability to offset weakness in there arab trading business jp morgan for example with a third quarter trading revenue drop of twenty one percent just a bit more than ceo jamie diamond forecast last month the same time they had growth in corporate loans the highest lending margins since 2013 and record profit in asset management at citigroup you had revenue beating analysts estimates in a bloomberg survey partly because of the game from selling a bond analytics business in cities expenses dropped two percent as ceo michael corvette push measures to keep a lid on spending and as you mentioned david both those stocks higher in early trading at t though downwind and a half percent the company lost ninety thousand video subscribers in the third quarter because of heavy competition and weatherrelated disruptions the drop more than offset growth of a new online television service called direct tv now which actually added three hundred thousand subscribers in the quarter general motors down two percent the automaker said it reached an impasse with striking workers at a canadian plant the factory makes these chevrolet equinoxes sport utility vehicle and gm said it's looking at other locations to handle production viacom's down four percent the owner of mtv nickelodeon in other cable channels warned charter communications customer that they may soon lose its programming by a comes said it would cut off the channels of a contract dispute is resolved by this weekend you've got juniper networks down five and a half percent the networking equipment maker coming in with.

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