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To leave Wednesday afternoon that's when commuters will mix with holiday travelers yes come Thursday the annual hot dog eating contest in Coney Island and competitive eater to kero Kobe I see is featured in the sports documentary he says he really does like hot dogs and he's eaten a lot of things in large quantities Jackie Quinn AP radio news more news right after this thank you get told maybe for star spangled style right now everything's on sale up to sixty percent off that's right get everything from tees shorts dresses and swim all at sixty percent off now till July seventh at Old Navy in Old Navy dot com valid through seven seven select styles only as injures on a tram in the Netherlands earlier this year almost definitely had a terrorist motive A. P.'s at Charles de Ledesma reports that for prosecutors to reveal the contents of a note found among his belongings prosecutors say the suspect look meant tennis left a hand written letter in the getaway car this set in Dodge I'm doing this for my religion you kill Muslims and you want to take all religion away from us but he went succeed Allah is great the prosecutors out this suspicions of a terrorist motive also stem from two statements tennis gave it to a judge before refusing to on to further questions on from the fact that he opened fire on March eighteenth all people he did not know in a tram I'm chose to live as much the PGA has another first time winner AP's Graham a guy's reports one of the game's French players went wire to wire to win in Michigan after years of playing the many towers and surviving a family tragedy thirty six year old late lastly emerge from the shadows to win his first PGA tour event at the rocket mortgage classic at the Detroit golf club it's a career changing of and getting a when I hear it gives you job security gets you into majors you know you have two years to you know two more years so basically get more comfortable and play better at all lastly who lost his parents and girlfriend in a light plane crash in two thousand and four has been most of these golfing career in the minor leagues and opposed to just one top ten on the tour but all that changed with the six shop we know the dog Redmond he's now owned a two year exemption and can find they pursue his golfing drame I'm grand like us one of TV's most well known entertainers is helping foot the bill for some new college students Steve Harvey says he's committed to covering tuition for eight incoming freshmen at his alma mater Kent State University Kent state said in a release that the Stephen Marjorie Harvey foundation is work with the school to provide scholarships of about twenty three thousand dollars per student they must maintain a two point five grade point average for the funding to be renewed each semester the scholarships are in memory of Devon more against a student from Cleveland who died in twenty seventeen while playing basketball the University Center the school says the foundation also committed ten thousand dollars to ten states men empowerment network radio New I Jackie Quinn lawmakers during a Texas detention facility and facing have blurs speak.

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