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Of yeah my home state this is so surreal right now that is the voice of one where he most feared and he does the story here on after hours not only did you choose him as your Monday MVP but in addition he also has the TV of the week chosen by you his fourth touchdown in the copper championship the only player in NFL history ever to have four rushing touchdowns in a conference championship game not to mention the two hundred twenty yards against the Green Bay Packers the call with Greg Papa on the forty Niners radio network it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio really quick and we'll get right back to your phone calls that triggered something as you picked remote start for his ability to run it every which way but loose against the Green Bay Packers metaphor was talking about the for the failures of the Packers against the Niners in the NFC championship game he's indicated they're going to spend the entire off season game planning for San Francisco and I know he's being a little tongue in cheek but the point is that the standard right now and after two games versus the Niners this season in which they work completely dismantled demolished they realize that the gap between them and the best of the conference but he was also talking about the run game and how it gashed the Packers now it wasn't just the offense it ineptitude it was also the way they could not stop re he most third and the run game you got to give San Francisco credit they definitely out coached us and I I just didn't feel like we played with the same urgency the same tenacity the same toughness we didn't set the edge the same as we had been earlier this season and you know it's disappointing because not like we didn't know what they were gonna try to do we knew exactly what they're gonna try to do we know they're going to run the football and I'm sorry and for them to be able to to do that was extremely disappointing and I just didn't think we played with this the same effort as what I'd seen earlier in the season it's an interesting assessment from the Packers head coach we didn't have the same effort we didn't have the same intensity it's not just that we got beat we could match what they.

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