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Mm distorted started a company on his own nobody believed in him his name was phil knight how many you people work in finance school landscaping architecture law at harvard agree that analytics who's did who is the attorney in your office you trust who's the ryder on your staff you trust did he go to princeton analytics are important i like man olympics mantelet eggs are a combination of to the numbers tell you he can play but if he comes into a clubhouse when kobe comes into a locker room when tom brady ver lander when those kind of guys go in i don't care about their contract if you want to win a world series get justin verlander these two teams were both young and both loaded the managers are fine the teams bull scored thirty four runs both use starters continually in the bullpen but huston said he's expensive he's not having a great year but he's burland her resource he's going to walk into this locker room and guys are going to think oh my god there's justin verlander a rod talked about how even these series were in what the difference was do you think about what have been around the midsummer classic they gover lander these guys got darvish game 3 game 7 combined three and a third innings to me that was the entire in i'm not anti numbers i'm not i get their important but if you look to the trading deadline darvish look better.

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