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Two U. S. Senators did what they could. Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott in the KT. Okay. New Center, And this is Oklahoma's first news. If you'll be outside today, you'll want your coat. Our forecast is coming up. The U. S. Senate defeats a motion to dismiss the upcoming impeachment trial. Admires reports the U. S. Senate on Tuesday defeated emotion by Kentucky U S Senator Rand Paul to dismiss the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump. Rand argued it's unconstitutional to hold a trial for a president who is no longer in office. Oklahoma U. S Senators Jim Inhofe and James Lankford agreed, and they voted to support his motion. Inhofe says his reading of the Constitution leads him to believe the authors did not intend to allow impeaching former federal officeholders, Langford says You can't remove someone from office who was already out of office President Biden and his unveiling his climate change plan today, Griff Jenkins reports today will be all about climate crisis will actually see special envoy John carried the White House today and we're gonna hear a lot about unexpected ban on new leases for oil and gas drilling and fracking. On federal lands, a move that's already drawing pushback from even Democrats over industry job losses that tomorrow is all about health care, and Friday is immigration. Yesterday the president tackled racial equity President Biden says there will be changes to ramp up coronavirus vaccinations on route to his 100 Day goal. In all, Scott reports first, the president says more vaccine will be sent out to states up to 10 million doses. He also promises to be straight with states on how much vaccine there is, he says that first will require securing more of it will soon be able to confirm Purchase of an additional 100 billion doses for each of the two FDA authorized vaccine. Fizer and Moderna.

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