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Click it or ticket Paid for by nhtsa Thanks for bringing us along 1238 Traffic and weather on the atria drop stallworth in the traffic center Rolling thunder in full effect westbound going the freeway exiting main avenue in large Thrones there also keep in mind I see them on independence avenue at 14th street as well as 7th and independence avenue and they are taking place around the national mall so it is closing constitution and independence ab news between 23rd and third streets as well as the memorial bridge Also The Rock creek Parkway closed between Virginia and independence avenue four full list of those closures visit our website at WTO P dot com through oxen hill on the inner loop in prince George's county still with the crash blocking the right half of the roadway as you head toward saint Barnabas rose to the left in order to get by there Oh the problems on the beltway in Maryland Northbound on the bottom of Washington Parkway off and on the brakes leaving powder mill road headed toward one 97 If you're traveling on route 50 toward the bay bridge still about a three and a half mile back up toward the eastbound spin of the bay as you continue at this point on two 70 you're in good shape no problems being reported in Virginia on the beltway between Alexandria and mcclain eastbound 66 on the brakes leaving nutly street toward the beltway then jam solid inside the beltway as you head toward the Roosevelt bridge traveling I 95 southbound still slow as you leave lorton headed across the aka kwon and down a one 23 after that delays continue toward dumpers and toward triangle but traveling to open as you continue toward Fredericksburg north Dan I 95 looking pretty smooth as you leave Fredericksburg headed toward the Springfield interchange you are express lanes or back in the northbound direction and a new problem still in buoy four 50 Annapolis road eastbound and hill me wrote may be under police direction for the crash in response on scene there so use caution traveling through the area So many words to describe Panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches but just one bite will leave you speechless Panera the familiar made fantastic a joy a dollar delivery fee when you order on their app Restrictions apply I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller Sonny temperatures in the middle ladies and we will have great weather for the remainder of today Tomorrow lots of sunshine once again another.

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