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Criminals are filing claims using stolen identities the problem is so bad in our state now the National Guard is being called in and we get more from couples Connie Thompson laid off refrigeration technician can fetch has been waiting for his benefits to resume since they were stopped in mid April this time last week he was beyond frustrated I just don't think it's fair I didn't deserve this I didn't create this problem the water from the ESD commissioner this week we now have enough data to set expectations so folks can plan and prepare but that does not include everyone who's waiting the state says for roughly forty two thousand claimants whose payments were paused due to fraud around may fifteenth the identity issues are expected to be resolved by June nineteenth some are legitimate and they will be they will be allowed and some are not and they will be denied so I've been calling every day I'm starting at seven in the morning can finally got through to a supervisor this week to one lakh his account so he could finally upload the ID information he's been trying to submit his previously denied benefits are now approved going back to April nineteenth there are still tens of thousands of claims that still have to be verified and have other problem solved which is why the National Guard in part is being called in to help verify and some of those identification the US state says in addition to calling in the National Guard they have added three hundred more EST staffers just to handle the phone lines you can find more of Connie stories on our website couple news dot com check the consumer page komo news time five ten now to the Harley exterior sports desk here's Tom Butler well it's a start you with it Pete Carroll yesterday at a wide ranging interview with the media and said it regrets the team didn't sign quarterback calling Capranica twenty seventeen or twenty eighteen speaking to the Seahawk reporters V. Izumi talked about the situation I don't remember the specifics of why we didn't but there was nothing about you know there's been stuff in the media that because we were concerned about him taking a knee or whatever that never even came up in our conversations that was never even an issue for us this is Carroll's first meeting with the media since the NFL draft the major league draft wrapped up with rounds two through five yesterday there is picking five more players and outfielder two infielders two pitchers Washington Huskies junior right handed pitcher Stevie Emanuel's an incoming freshman lefty pitcher died bill McLean among the one hundred sixty players that heard the names called over the draft McLean selected in the fourth round any manuals in the fifth a golf back in business at the Charles Schwab challenge at colonial Justin rose and Harold Varner share the lead at seven under sixty three Justin Thomas among those at a stroke back sports attentive forty Patty tower Tom other commodities commodities time now five twelve a doctor at Harvard says Colbert nineteen could kill two hundred thousand Americans by September an update from ABC news correspondent Kelly Hartog the US already topping a hundred and thirteen thousand deaths we opened up with when the case low levels were still quite high we did not have enough testing in most states so we're now seeing the consequences that as the country continues to reopen a top Harvard health official warning without drastic action more people will die if we don't act the future is very Graham two months ago president trump saying that's startling number would be assigned the administration's response has been effective we have between a hundred and two hundred thousand we all together have done a very good job twenty states and Porter Rico reporting increases in new cases Texas with more new cases Wednesday that it's ever had in a single day Houston taking innovative precautions announcing a Kobe threat alert system one official sounding this alarm we may be approaching the precipice the precipice of the disaster in Arizona daily new cases doubling over the past two weeks and I see you beds are filling up a month after Florida reopened the states reporting its highest number of new cases since the pandemic started all this is other governors reject the idea of reinstating lockdown this cases rice we made the right decision to go ahead and lift some of these restrictions so that we don't cause more damage to people's lives and their livelihood and after another dismal unemployment report the Dow plunging another eighteen hundred points are growing calls for an Ohio state senators stepped down over what he said about African Americans in covert nineteen Republican Steve Huffman was speaking to the director of the Ohio commission of minority health who testified the black community has been disproportionately hit by the virus the senator admitting there are clear disparities then asking this error we're at war that is not the opinion of leading medical experts in this country to all populations need to wash their hands absolutely Sir but that is not where you are going to find them the variance and the rationale for why these populations are more vulnerable the hearing was about whether to declare racism a public health crisis one of Hoffman's democratic colleagues says the words he used and the question he asked highlights what racism is from a systemic perspective and that state senator also doctor fire tonight from the health care company where he works at that company saying that his statements were wholly inconsistent.

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