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Gaining date with joe slow dream pack denver has come and gone and congratulations go out to knuckle do for his win in street fighter five in tech and seven jimmy j tram with winner while hungary box took the win and smashed rose malay the hearth stone tournament saw the youngest top sixteen qualifier ever mdg kid at just twelve years old uae oh yes he knew marilyn twelve years old this was his first perth stone tournament to him in his two siblings xmen playing magic the gathering lightly since they were probably old enough to read the end yeah you know we we just talk when i first segment of how he sports crossing over into different sports i think the f g c and car specifically are like tailored for it in the end though it was i who took home seventy five hundred dollar firstplace prize also shut out to all of our winners of our dream hack john ver contests we were so excited to see all the tweets from you guys having fun having a blast out there a dream hag denver so congratulations to all fifty of our winners suraju hacked denver contest cloud nine is locked up over twenty five million dollars in series a funding from various sources including wwe ian hunter pence the money primarily is going to fund league entry fees as cloud nine has been accepted into both overwatch league and the nlc us now this is not a surprise cloud nine is a very strong competitor in a lot of different areas they play an eight different he sports now how many aligning their representational eight of them has little high yeah that is alive so i you know it's not it's not surprising that they're walking down even bigger funding by congratulations god to them money is good he's poor so we seeing its first player focused convention next here with the announcement of gg expo the event will be taking place on memorial day weekend it will feature game play strategy sessions panel discussions eat sports contests in competitions ranging across a number of game i think this is so cool right i think that there's a you know something is like this has been needed for a long time as eastwards has been growing now a you know convey chen four players athletes and competitors vital exactly.

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