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And saying and now since one of the guys within the camp is a going through some stuff but kissel gebro bro. You didn't see what he said. He's only doing this because they hate me. It's me they hate like he took it on the chest. Yeah he's beyond this he don't give a fuck about us. It's the fighter still he. That's a real leader on fighters. Whoever he fights they pay they pay for the congress. But i don't know. I think this time is going to be different man. Caleb is slick man people are gonna get to see man cream rises to the top. You know all those phrases man. You know the level of your opposition. All that's going to show up this night. I'm telling you i know it. I know. I know. I know like i knew. Remember man i'm the same guy. Call combine garcia by knockout meant. I called the ana literally told people who is going to be the left. Hook back then back then is on radio. You know what i'm saying. Don't act like you always knew he had left. Get out there. Then he was my first interview. I've been brian my been in the gym. I knew it was going to be that left. A new car was chin. He was a seven to one underdog. Don't don't be night now. In retrospect big deal. Now i forgot it. Nah he was a seven to one. Sony me him and angel and his mother believed in his ass. Fuck you hate us. He's gonna rise. I'm not saying he gonna win. He going rise though dude like oh shit he on his level ooh it won't be no year them and won't be no billie joe. I'll tell you that right now. The ones and twos man. What did he say say. Oh he lost that fight with laura you seen them in with floyd. You know what i'm saying like. He's he's been vulnerable. Nobody's just been able to capitalize. You've got to be able to capitalize and you know catechism. Mixture of what columnist callum was big and young man. I'll be looking at cavalry was big and young right. Had no wheels. He had no wheels. But that's what. Billy joe had billie. Joe had no power and wasn't young dog. A mix of all add. Kayla plant in chemistry has so much syria larry's and then on top of that cannabis not only mass similarities. Who physically like. I body composition. That's all torso sit. That's it that's it but nothing like they don't fight nothing like they wasn't raised in the same area. They built different. You know you'll see you'll see calebs. You gotta remember cala. Plants hold on hold on. I gotta consider all this shit kaelin. Smith reach was four inches longer than calebs already is so he had he had about a four inch reach. What have you eight using. Only the block. He was doing losing the along. The that's why you got broke. You were scared to fight. You had your arms up the whole nicer. We broke your arm because he was scared to fight. You don't wanna fighting on break. Your bassett both simple gonna be kyla man. See you can never houston He'd been fighting for the last three or four fights the last three or four that eastern european bullshit when he gets in there with. We're hold me like this. Like yo i got swag to do. I'm saying this is gonna be bruce lee roy and showed enough. We both got the glow home. We both the glow. I'm just letting you know. And you don't see say he got bigalow. Look at him. Go to the master. Yes so sago. Converse delaware to show Check this guy out this guy out. Oh gonna play my sound by bro. Oh look this guy oh prescott kayode i oh okay see. This is the problem with boxing. So calm was nothing. He was no good because you know. Listen listen his logic. You should get timed out for even saying that. Because he's trying to tell you. Because kahn got knocked out by preska but came back to become one hundred and forty pound unified champion plus ring magazine champ. He had the ring bell. The wbz's lana wbz news. Time the danny fordham. But this fucking and it's sad because you super chat. I know you know boxing. But but that's a hatred in your blood. This is why the sport don't grow the fans. They hate every fighter so they fight. It looks better. You literally.

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