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Look, it's very obvious these characters there was no respect for twenty year olds in the business world twenty years ago when I came out, but now because of technology there's a lot of organizations that apple -solutely respect twenty and thirty year olds. Also, what is happening is. I'm spending so much time with forty to sixty year old executives who were dwelling and are upset and tell me dumb shit like Carrie, I didn't grow up with this shit. Neither did I Alice. I was twenty before I even was on a computer. I think rob with the ship. I figured it out. And so I sit there and seek completely capable operators. That have made it happen for twenty thirty years being crippled by I don't understand how Snapchat works. It's so confusing. We're just filled with excuses. We are people just losing their hunger. And then and then by the way, let me get really mad for two seconds with my fancy rich friends. The thing that I'm completely blown away by that. I had no idea what's going on in capitalism and meritocracy is once you get rich. You actually try to spend your dollars to create laws that allow you not to work and still hold onto your money. Hundred percent, right. I mean, I'm blown away by this. You were benefit you were benefited because in your twenties to sixty for forty years, you grinded out executed somebody and you able to make lots of money. But now that you're tired and your finished, and you're older and don't want to put in the work. You don't want the next young buck to come along at eat your lunch. That's not how capitalism works. True. It just not. And so we have all these trends, and we have the great fortune of living in an era where things have been really good for a very long time. And so I walk around the world, and I told my wife Lizzy Lizzy, listen to me, I don't care clearly because I was such a shit student with the kids do at school, but please they can't be in programs where we give away seventh-place trophies. I have no idea who wins the election tonight, but we need to fuck band. Seventh place trophies in America. So we have all these macro situations going on and not to mention for a lot of people here under thirty. You haven't been in the game during an economic downturn. Because things have been very cushy for the last seven years where if you're twenty three years old, and you have an idea your company's miraculously worked for million dollars. And so we're living in a very intriguing time. And I think that the passion and the banks and the energy that I bring tonight are predicated on a couple of tried and true things number one. If you're not making long term decisions, you will be vulnerable the market's changing very quickly and anybody who's looking for short term stuff get short term stuff, and then gets hurt in the long term things like Airbnb guys. Airbnb shouldn't have been invented by Brian. And Joe Airbnb should have been invented by Marriott. But Marriot is looking short term, and is in creating business models to put themselves out of business over should have not been created by Jarrett. And they. They they should have not been created by Garrett and Travis this should have been created by the guy or girl that owned the most medallions in New York City, or by greyhound, if you sit here tonight, and you're doing well, you're danger because there's somebody young and hungry that has the internet, which is a platform that creates a zero cost to get into the game. That's coming after your shin. So if you don't do what I do which is wake up every single morning every single morning and try to put yourself out of business somebody else's going to do it for you. It is much more fun by friends to put yourself out of business than have somebody else. Do it for you. And so please if you're cushy who's cushy raise your hand of shit's going real well. Jesus christ. Re people raise their hand. I think you need to shut down this fucking awesome. What was that? I was doing good like we're doing, okay. He always so. You've got to understand the only thing that's interesting to me..

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