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Hour you what's up go ahead of your credit go over there good i'm refreshed that i wish i was back it wasn't logano he'll get lousy itit's is what it is but anyway guide and maga may create gave you a little cheater that like with winter weather when that morning you have to go back to work on tuesday it'll i knew that was common i wasn't long was it got the good weather down there and i did and that's the bottom line at long island got it worse uh not way is he asked there have guy szalasi on twitter at everyone one aaron ozzie up data joe gag is he was a big view really negative guy was a huge fan of a caller yesterday that called with tax big fairly what we call it the british accent archive guy calls about tiger in java viagra andre herrero elegant ice guy ozzie huge fan of this dude wanted to have a regular spot actual caller crux i have our lerner knowledgeable weighty finding everything you're not right exactly well aircraft on the script it's two three glen he yells as well put pooping because i want to back up what clinton therapy cowboy fan i'm rooting for cold beer first and legal lose second can't have philly win anything ever and uh about this redskin trade with alex smith i wanted to be preemptive before you know who does a sportsman it on the you'd think now that they got alec smith in washington that they can change their team main would you say that uh i'm just saying oh there's now that they got alex mayors tend to the organisation's turning ended up bill changed fifteen name as well yeah i i don't i don't i don't see was snyder hasn't he's anxious zaluksnis native american or something like some ryan is right in kingston chris sal you with sean guy chris given up getting a fact clippers early dumping payroll dumping they've players could you say on clippers trading on the on the andre durand sitting there why because.

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