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Becker staff taking over for John B. line who stays within the organization the cats did not announce the lines new role but it's no longer head coach earlier on spending company on ESPN radio Dan Devine from the ringer I felt to me like a weird marriage from the jump like you were at the with knoll knows you know slander she'd toward John B. lines coaching I can obviously one of the more successful coaches in the last several decades of college basketball but you were bringing somebody that had never coached a professional team in and saying coach a weird one like I I I mean that was like acted yeah and and wondered how do you know it was it was all about what you could turn the nineteen and twenty year olds into but you still have the highly paid well respected well established you know there are twenty nine thirty thirty one year old veterans to deal with see you in like the that figuring out how to manage that particular chemistry experiment seems like something you would need a really experienced and to do and it seems like there are about big challenge after John the right to do that as his first NBA Geoghan as we saw you know two thirds the way through this even a blow up in everybody's face so we're Cleveland goes from here I mean JB Bickerstaff is certainly we know respected as as you know I was an intern handed you gonna get a chance to take that job as he goes forward but yeah just you feel like they're kind of running to stand still in Cleveland and have been for several years I saw the wave of the future what do you think it's going to be a more fruitful decision to make for NBA franchise having a former agent run your team or going back to the college ranks and getting a guy like Jay ride or hopefully hitting on a Brad Stevens type in the future I thought I thought I would say definitely the former because at least we can point to a couple of instances of agent Brian ordered front office is winding up with you know in the highly competitive situations with Bob Myers in Golden State and now rob link in Los Angeles Brad Stevens is kind of you know the the unicorn of that opportunity right now they haven't been a whole lot of college to to produce success story Billy Donovan I think you can you can say I had the opportunity to earn his stripes and borne out in in Oklahoma City but those are two very very rare successes and so I think especially given the the sort of the the the control that Haiti's V. overarching this you know kingdoms that that college by major college basketball coaches can establish for themselves it's like you're not going to get a gigantic leaves fall over some of those big you know public university job and you're certainly not gonna get more control and more power than you have over your programs if you're one of those major school so you need to have like the right opportunity in the right fit and you know like the work really out of it was you got to coach Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook on a final contender for bad even do what you got I think a six year contract for a blue blood organization that was on the come out those opportunities are rare and I think you're going to need to see situation more like that than what Giambi line walked into in Cleveland if you're one of those top top plate college coaches moving forward as for the Cavaliers they come back to the all star break in Washington against the wizards on Friday sports center all night ESPN radio Major League Baseball set to hit the diamond with spring training games set to get underway but we keep hearing players speaking out against what happened with the Astros what's it going to take to move on from the scandal ESPN analyst mark to Cheryl or baseball will move on and I'm talking about players and fans here and baseball will move on when they feel like the Astros have gotten punished properly and the truth has been told right now punishment was not handed out to players and and that's an issue for a lot of people the other thing is we really don't know what happened so you now have Astros player saying well we didn't really cheap that much in the World Series and it didn't have that much to do with the outcome of games okay will prove it the Astros made their bed here now the players need to go out there and show that they're remorseful and say this is exactly what happened so we can move on so I do believe that the Astros need to take that next step and open their cards a little bit and and pretty much show people how remorseful they are telling the truth mark what how do you define because you're right this appropriate level of punishment here seems elusive especially with commissioner rob Manfred saying I'm not going to strip the title from them so assuming that that is unreachable in terms of punishment what is the appropriate punishment short of that well I think Major League Baseball players and a lot of.

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Becker, John B. discussed on SportsCenter AllNight

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