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To be stolen by cornell powell are then i'm gonna go with nick bolton eleven the i rated lightning bolt and just like the whole story about him. I liked the way he plays He's just an electric player. he's a tough hit arrows. Well he's hungry. I think that's the big thing for me with with with bolton. He's hungry to do well. And i think when the chiefs kind of They didn't bring back wilson. I think it was wilson. Yeah nick bolton has an opportunity. I think to really kind of Brick into this and looking at kind of depth shots and the woman he seems to be stopped just behind anthony hitchens. Yeah which You know if he gets his opportunity. I think i think if we have nick bolton really get junior as the linebackers i think that's going to be to- flying back to try and break through his awareness and just as approach the game i. It just seems well prepared. He seems like he could just literally slow into this team straight away. I really looking forward to what he can do. Isn't it is a big off season for mitch's mad as a training camp for him because potentially he's only training camp without the agents. Sorry before he has to take over the full time himself. The chase wouldn't surprise me if they ended up restructuring. Anthony hitchens to get him. Keep them in building for another year or site if they done is a really good chance. This is his first and only time with him zanies to take as much information. He can't because willie guy he really hasn't had the opportunity for the lack of training camp last know the lack of them off season in in person workouts lost yes. So if you're the chiefs young linebackers you need to digest as much information as you possibly can. Because as you said in a year's time two years time these two guys could be expected to lead the cheese linebackers and side. There is added pressure on them to to perform. Why especially in the case of willie gay because witty. Gail carries the expectation like nick boat. Mu is time about being a second year. Second round linebacker. We didn't say low album in his first year he didn't make the failed Despite terrible play from the lines have been even really guys. Still saw a tiny amount of snaps. I them too big off season. Get snaps onto that about taking as much information as you can. Because in twelve months time we are going to lean on you heavily. Yeah and just an exciting prospect. I think with that. I just really can't wait to see bowling gay together and it's gonna be good. I count way. I want to white because you wanna wear are not want to see her now. I wanna see now. Hitchings obviously very accomplished linebacker as well. So you know you've obviously got to make sure that yeah like you said bolton's going to have to assess them view him taking everything that he's got right. I think it's time for that flew by the nick. Just yeah so you have some time flies having fun. I'm to the point now. Where i just skit words. I just sentences. I say the first word in this last day right. That's all we've got time for this week. Fortunately no show next week as thomas. Away is leaving alleged show. I can't do a show my own. Unfortunately but we do anything nice. I'm actually going away to a friend's for weekend in as people kansas city. We love this or we do a weekend. We do every year. We call it the mates up and we get together. We drink and we cook on the barbecue. And that's what we're doing from. Friday morning all the way free to sunday afternoon and hopefully on sunday afternoon. Are we heading down. So embree sort england when the euros which sound really stupid.

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