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A razor-thin margin of nine hundred five votes but the reason we don't have official results from last year's race and the reason isn't this do over election is even happening is because the state elections board throughout the results from last year after evidence emerged that consultant tied to the republicans campaign allegedly allegedly committed extensive ballot-fraud the republicans consultant was arrested back in february and has been charged with multiple felonies. The republican candidate from last time or kerris decided not to run in the redo. So this time you have the same democrat marine veteran named dan mccready running against a republican state senator named dan bishop so it's the same democrat who barely lost last time almost flipped a congressional seat in a district trump won by double digits. Naturally a lot of democrats crats are hoping that this time hopefully without significant ballot-fraud working against him. Dan mccreevy just might win but democrats are not the only ones who think that might happen republicans right up and into right up and into including donald trump or worried enough about this seat that a ton of them are swooping in to campaign for dan bishop the sweepers include house minority leader kevin mccarthy vice president mike pence donald trump junior and the president himself who set to appear at at a campaign rally the night before the election the latest polling in the race just out today from inside elections shows that the democrat dan mccreevy's actually ahead by four points that election is happening happening on september tenth mark your calendars and that does the press tonight rachel we back next week and you can catch me tomorrow at ten a._m. For my show a._m. Joy new for meet the depress the chuck todd cast. It's an insider's take on politics the twenty twenty election and more candid conversations with some of my favorite reporters about things we usually discuss off camera. Listen for free wherever you get your podcast..

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